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Abbott-Chapman, JA and Patterson, C, Evaluation of the Students At Risk (STAR) Program, Tasmanian Department of Education and the Arts, Australia (1990) [Consultants Report]
Abbott-Chapman, JA, Feasibility of Establishing an Overseas Qualifications Unit. Report to the Tasmanian Government, Education Participation Studies Unit, University of Tasmania, Australia (1990) [Consultants Report]
Abbott-Chapman, JA and Hughes, P and Holloway, G and Wyld, C, Identifying the Qualities and Characteristics of the 'Effective' Teacher, Youth Education Studies Centre, University of Tasmania (1990) [Contract Report]
Abbott-Chapman, JA, Retention issues: participation and equity, Australia 21, (2) (1990) [Professional, Refereed Article]
Abbott-Chapman, JA and Hughes, P and Wyld, C, Towards Equity and Excellence: Final Conclusions and Recommendations of a research study on The Impact of Financial Assistance on Secondary and Tertiary Participation, Commonwealth Dept of Employment, Education and Training. University of Tasmania, 6 (1990) [Contract Report]
Adamowicz, W and Coyne, A and Jennings, SM, A Sequential Choice Model of Recreation Behaviour, Western Journal of Agricultural Economics, 15, (1) pp. 91-99 . ISSN 1068-5502 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
Allen, GR, Uraba lugens Walker (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): larval survival and parasitoid biology in the field in South Australia, Journal of the Australian Entomology Society, 29, (4) pp. 301-312. ISSN 0004-9050 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
Allen, GR, Influence of host behavior and host size on the success of oviposition of Cotesia urabae and Dolichogenidea eucalypti (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), Journal of Insect Behavior, 3, (6) pp. 733-749. ISSN 0892-7553 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
Allen, GR, The phenologies of Cotesia urabae, Dolichogenidea eucalypti (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) and their host Uraba lugens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in the Adelaide region, Australian Journal of Zoology, 38, (4) pp. 347-362. ISSN 0004-959X (1990) [Refereed Article] 
Allen, JM, La Veracite des 'Voleurs d'or' (1857) et d''Un deuil au bout du monde'(1877) de Celeste de Chabrillan comme temoignages sur l'experience vecue dans le Victoria des annees 1850 (1990) [Masters Research] 
Anderson, S and Lewis-Smth, AC and Smith, SM, Methylation of ribosomal RNA genes in Petunia hybrida plants, callus cultures and regenerated shoots, Plant Cell Reports, 8, (9) pp. 554-557. ISSN 0721-7714 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
Bassom, AP and Seddougui, SO, The onset of three-dimensionality and time-dependence in Gortler vortices: neutrally stable wavy modes, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 220 pp. 661-672. ISSN 0022-1120 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
Battersby, D and Hemmings, LC, Grounded theory: Its application in a nursing context, Dreams, Deliberations and Discoveries: Nursing Research in Action, Adelaide (1990) [Conference Extract] 
Battersby, D and Hemmings, LC, Pride, tradition and care: Contesting nursing ideology, Nursing in the Nineties, Sydney (1990) [Conference Extract] 
Battersby, D and Hemmings, LC, The application of grounded theory in a nursing context, 28-29 June 1990, Queensland (1990) [Conference Edited] 
Birch, CJ and Carberry, PS and McGowan, RL and Hargreaves, JNG, Development and evaluation of a sorghum model based on CERES-Maize in a semi - arid tropical environment, Field Crops Research, 24, (1-2) pp. 87-104. ISSN 0378-4290 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
Birch, CJ and Long, KE, Effect of nitrogen on the growth, yield and grain protein-content of barley (hordeum-vulgare), Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture, 30, (2) pp. 237-242. ISSN 0816-1089 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
Black, R, The Imagined Past: Letters from an Unusual Honeymoon, Cascando: The National Student Literary Magazine, Cascando Press, 5/6 (1990) [Magazine Article] 
Bolch, CJ and Hallegraeff, GM, Dinoflagellate cysts in recent marine sediments from Tasmania, Australia, Botanica Marina, 33, (2) pp. 173-192. ISSN 0006-8055 (1990) [Refereed Article]
Bound, SA, Caution with combinations, Pome Fruits Newsletter, Department of Primary Industry & Fisheries, Hobart, Tasmania, 7, 65 (1990) [Magazine Article] 
Bound, SA, Thinning with NAA after Cytolin applications - beware!, Pome Fruits Newsletter, Department of Primary Industry & Fisheries, Hobart, Tasmania, 8, 125 (1990) [Magazine Article] 
Bowman, DMJS, Cape York: Is it the biogeographic key to northern Australia?, Northern Territory Naturalist, 12 pp. 1-3. ISSN 0155-4093 (1990) [Letter or Note in Journal] 
Bowman, DMJS and Panton, WJ and McDonough, L, Dynamics of forest clumps on chenier plains, Cobourg Peninsula, Northern Territory, Australian Journal of Botany, 38, (6) pp. 593-601. ISSN 0067-1924 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
Bowman, DMJS and Wilson, BA and Fensham, RJ, Sandstone vegetation pattern in the Jim Jim Falls region, Northern Territory, Australia, Australian Journal of Ecology, 15, (2) pp. 163-174. ISSN 0307-692X (1990) [Refereed Article] 
Bowman, DMJS and Woinarski, JCZ and Sands, DPA and Wells, A and McShane, VJ, Slash-and-burn agriculture in the wet coastal lowlands of Papua New Guinea: Response of birds, butterflies and reptiles, Journal of Biogeography, 17, (3) pp. 227-239. ISSN 0305-0270 (1990) [Refereed Article]
Bowman, DMJS and McDonough, L, Wet season occupation of Workshop Jungle by small mammals, Northern Territory Naturalist, 12 pp. 20-23. ISSN 0155-4093 (1990) [Letter or Note in Journal] 
Britz, ML and Kemp, GW, Manipulation of sub-cellular location and antigenicity of a cloned foreign protein synthesised by Escherichia coli using gentle induction regimes, Ninth Australian Biotechnology Conference : biotechnology: the science and business, Proceedings, 24-27 September 1990, ANA Hotel, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, pp. 364-367. (1990) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
Brooks, MA and Heijdra, B and Lowenberg, A, Productive Versus Unproductive Labor and Rent Seeking: Lessons from History, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 146, (3) pp. 419-438. ISSN 0932-4569 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
Brooks, MA and Heijdra, B, Rent-Seeking and the Privatization of the Commons, European Journal of Political Economy, 6, (1) pp. 41-59. ISSN 0176-2680 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
Buxton, CD and Smale, MJ, Abundance and distribution patterns of three temperate reef fishes (Teleostei:Sparidae) in exploited and unexploited areas off the southern Cape coast, Journal of Applied Ecology, 26, (2) pp. 441-451. ISSN 0021-8901 (1990) [Refereed Article]
Buxton, CD and Garratt, PA, Alternative reproductive styles in seabreams, Environmental Biology of Fishes, 28 pp. 113 - 124. ISSN 0378-1909 (1990) [Refereed Article]
Buxton, CD, The reproductive biology of Chrysoblephus laticeps and C. cristiceps (Teleostei:Sparidae), Journal of zoology, 220, (3) pp. 497 - 511. ISSN 0952-8369 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
Calam, J and Levi, S and Beardshall, K and Playford, RJ and Ghosh, P and Swift, I and Foulkes, W and Haddad, G, Helicobacter pylori and Duodenal Ulcers - The Gastrin Link, Helicobacter pylori, gastritis, and peptic ulcer, Springer-Verlag, P Malfertheiner & H Ditschuneit (ed), New York, pp. 317-326. ISBN 3540520309 (1990) [Research Book Chapter] 
Calford, MB and Tweedale, R, Interhemispheric transfer of plasticity in the cerebral cortex, Science, 249, (4970) pp. 805-807. ISSN 0036-8075 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
Calford, MB and Tweedale, R, The capacity for reorganization in adult somatosensory cortex, Neurology and Neurobiology, 56, (3) pp. 221-236. ISSN 0736-4563 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
Campbell, SJ, The Child Receiving Radiotherapy, The Child with Cancer - Nursing Care, Scutari Press, Thompson J (ed), London, pp. 99. (1990) [Research Book Chapter] 
Chapman, P, Historical records of Australia : a documentary periodical, 1, (2) ISSN 1032-6960 (1990) [Edited Journal] 
Chapman, P, Webster, Charles Ernest (1861 - 1936) and Webster, Edwin Herbert (1864 - 1947), Australian Dictionary of Biography, J Ritchie (ed), Melbourne, 12, pp. 432 (1990) [Entry]
Cianchi, JP, Proceedings of the First National Symposium on Outdoor/Wilderness Programs for Offenders, Adult Corrective Services, Australian Capital Territory, 2-4 October 1990, Birrigai, ACT, pp. 321. ISBN 1863310800 (1990) [Conference Edited] 
Coffin, MF and Eldholm, O, Large Igneous Provinces: A workshop to develop scientific drilling initiatives on volcanic margins and oceanic plateaus, Large Igneous Provinces: A workshop to develop scientific drilling initiatives on volcanic margins, JOI/USSAC EAGE, 1, pp. 1-78. (1990) [Government or Industry Research] 
Coffin, MF and Munschy, M and Colwell, JB and Schlich, R and Davies, HL and Li, ZG, Seismic stratigraphy of the Raggatt Basin, southern Kerguelen Plateau: tectonic and paleoceanographic implications, Geological Society of America. Bulletin, 102, (5) pp. 563-579. ISSN 0016-7606 (1990) [Refereed Article]
Crane, RJ, A Sheep in Lion's Clothing: A Note on The Far Pavilions and Kim, Kipling Journal, 64 pp. 31-2. (1990) [Non Refereed Article] 
Darian-Smith, K, On the home front : Melbourne in wartime, 1939-1945, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, pp. 288. ISBN 9780195531268 (1990) [Authored Research Book] 
Davies, NW, Gas chromatographic retention indices of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes on methyl silicone and Carbowax 20M phases, Journal of Chromatography, 503, (1) pp. 1-24. ISSN 0021-9673 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
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Dickey, JM and Lockman, FJ, H I in the Galaxy, Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 28 pp. 215-261. (1990) [Substantial Review] 
Doyle, RB, The Soils, Geomorphology and Erosion History of the Leipsokouki Catchment, Nomos of Grevena, Greece. Thesis submitted for the degree of Master of Science in Geology at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (1990) [Masters Research] 
Earley, PC, Compensation for multinational personnel, Beacham's International Management Reference, Beacham Publishing, New York (1990) [Research Book Chapter] 
Earley, PC and Northcraft, GB and Lee, C and Lituchy, TR, Impact of process and outcome feedback on the relation of goal setting to performance, Academy of Management Journal, 33 pp. 87-105. ISSN 0001-4273 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
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Earley, PC, Training for intercultural placements, Beacham's International Management Reference, Beacham Publishing, New York (1990) [Research Book Chapter] 
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George, AP and Nissen, RJ and Howitt, C, Effects of environmental variables and cropping on leaf conductance of custard apple (Annona cherimola x Annona squamosa) 'African Pride', Scientia Horticulturae, 45, (1-2) pp. 137-147. ISSN 0304-4238 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
Geraghty, DP and Livett, BG and Rogerson, FM and Burcher, E, A novel substance P binding site in bovine adrenal medulla, Neuroscience Letters, 112, (2-3) pp. 276-281. ISSN 1872-7972 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
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Gore, PL and Potts, BM and Volker, PW and Megalos, J, Unilateral cross-incompatibility in Eucalyptus: the case of hybridisation between E. globulus and E. nitens, Australian Journal of Botany, 38, (4) pp. 383-394. ISSN 0067-1924 (1990) [Refereed Article]
Gow, L and Kember, D, Does higher education promote independent learning?, Higher Education, 19, (3) pp. 307-322. ISSN 0018-1560 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
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Grimmer, MR and White, KD, Psychics and ESP: Across the Enchanted Boundary?, Australian Psychologist, 25, (2) pp. 210-214. ISSN 0005-0067 (1990) [Non Refereed Article] 
Grimmer, MR and White, KD, The Structure of Paranormal Beliefs Among Australian Psychology Students, The Journal of Psychology, 124, (4) pp. 357-370. ISSN 0022-3980 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
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Karupiah, G and Blanden, RV, Anti-asialo-GM1 inhibits vaccinia virus infection of murine ovaries: asialo-GM1 as an additional virus receptor?, Immunology and Cell Biology, 68, (Pt 5) pp. 343-6. ISSN 0818-9641 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
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