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Items where Subject is Socio-Economic Objective, Manufacturing, Dairy products, Processed milk and cream (incl. powder, evaporated and condensed)

Journal Article
Kukusamude, C and Srijaranai, S and Kato, M and Quirino, JP, Cloud point sample clean-up and capillary zone electrophoresis with field enhanced sample injection and micelle to solvent stacking for the analysis of herbicides in milk, Journal of Chromatography A, 1351 pp. 110-114. ISSN 0021-9673 (2014) [Refereed Article] 
Knight, GC and McAuley, CM and Mitchell, HL and Szabo, EA and Britz, ML and Craven, HM, Strategies for the control of thermophiles in milk processing to meet market requirements, Australian Journal of Dairy Technology, 58, (2) pp. 194. ISSN 0004-9433 (2003) [Contribution to Refereed Journal] 
Conference Publication
Tarulevicz, NT, Cows with Passports and the Right Credentials: Marketing 'Australian' Milk in Singapore, AAS in Asia: Program Panel Abstracts, 17-19 July, 2014, National University of Singapore, pp. 36. (2014) [Conference Extract] 
Putri, T and Dann, AL and Mellefont, LA and Williams, ML and Bowman, JP and Tamplin, ML and Ross, T, Geobacillus spp. are thermophilic gram-positive endospore-forming bacteria capable of forming biofilms, and are encountered in a wide range of environments, The Australian Society for Microbiology Annual Scientific Meeting, 7-10 July 2013, Adelaide, South Australia (2013) [Conference Extract] 
McAuley, C and Gobius, K and Britz, ML and Craven, H, Heat resistance of Enterococcus durans and E. hirae isolated from pasteurised milk, 2nd International ASM-FEMS Conference on Enterococci [Final Program], 28-31 August 2005, Helsingor, Denmark, pp. 57. ISBN 1-55581-352-6 (2005) [Conference Extract] 

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