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Journal Article
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Chapter in Book
Butler, E and Stewart, AG and Bath, SG and Eastman, CJ and Hynes, K and Burgess, J and Penrose, B and Lewis, I, Iodine and climate change: effect on plants (within 'The 21st century - afterword'), Iodophor - Tamed Iodine: The Status of Iodine in Tasmania, Gatekeeper Press, PAC Richards (ed), United Kingdom ISBN 9781662901126 (2020) [Other Book Chapter] 
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Conference Publication
McPhee, J and Jones, S and Ives, S and Melland, A and Eberhard, J and Sisouvanh, P and Somphou, I and Boupha, DB and Mounsena, P, Evaluation of the effect of lime and irrigation on lettuce yield in Laos, Proceedings, 36, Article 185 ISSN 2504-3900 (2019) [Conference Extract]
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Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Parsons, D, Improving nitrogen and phosphorus management in south-east Australian cropping systems, Grains Research & Development Corporation, DAV0095 (2013) [Contract Report] 
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Other Public Output
Dunbabin, VM, Australian Grain, Hostile subsoils: A model of complexity, Grain Research & Development Corporation, 15, 1 (2005) [Magazine Article] 
Eckard, RJ, Revisiting Nitrogen Fertilisation for Dairy Pastures, Revisting Nitrogen Fertilisation for Dairy Pastures - Fixed on Phosphate? Try a Bit of Nitrate!, TIAR North West Centre Burnie, TIAR North West Centre Burnie, 1, December 95 (1995) [Report of Restricted Access] 

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