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Journal Article
Foster, SD and Hosack, GR and Lawrence, E and Przeslawski, R and Hedge, P and Caley, MJ and Barrett, NS and Williams, A and Li, J and Lynch, T and Dambacher, JM and Sweatman, HPS and Hayes, KR, Spatially balanced designs that incorporate legacy sites, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 8, (11) pp. 1433-1442. ISSN 2041-210X (2017) [Refereed Article] 
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Conference Publication
Foster, S and Verbyla, AP and Pitchford, WS, Selection and shrinkage using the LASSO linear mixed model, Joint meeting of the Australasian Region of the Biometrics Society and the Australasian GenStat Users Association, Inc, Thredbo, NSW, Australia (2005) [Conference Extract] 
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Ockerby, SE and Midmore, DJ and Yule, DF and Foster, S, Slowing of leaf primordia elongation precedes panicle initiation in Sorghum bicolour, COMBIO 2000. Australian Society of Plant Physiologists, Wellington, New Zealand (2000) [Conference Extract] 
Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Przeslawski, R and Foster, S and Monk, J and Langlois, T and Lucieer, VL and Stuart-Smith, RD, Comparative assessment of seafloor sampling platforms. Report to the National Environmental Science Programme, Marine Biodiversity Hub, Geoscience Australia, 24 August (2018) [Contract Report]
Monk, J and Barrett, N and Hulls, J and James, L and Hosack, G and Oh, E and Martin, T and Edwards, S and Nau, A and Heaney, B and Foster, S, Seafloor biota, rock lobster and demersal fish assemblages of the Tasman Fracture Commonwealth Marine Reserve Region: Determining the influence of the shelf sanctuary zone on population demographics, National Environmental Research Program, Hobart, Australia (2016) [Contract Report] 
Volkman, J and Thompson, P and Herzfeld, M and Wild-Allen, K and Blackburn, S and MacLeod, C and Swadling, KM and Foster, S and Bonham, P and Holdsworth, D and Clemenson, L and Skerratt, J and Rosebrock, U and Andrewartha, J and Revill, A, A whole-of-ecosystem assessment of environmental issues for salmonid aquaculture. Aquafin CRC Final Report (CRC Project 4.2(2)/FRDC Project 2004/074), Aquafin CRC/FRDC, 2004/074 (2009) [Contract Report] 
Other Public Output
Daniells, J and Foster, S, Is the Number of Hands Relative to Leaf Number Important?, Australian Bananas, 12, 9-11 (2001) [Magazine Article] 
Ockerby, SE and Midmore, DJ and Yule, DF and Foster, S, Integrating environmental and endogenous cues: Does the slow growth of leaf primordia induce floral development in Sorghum bicolour? , Flowering Newsletter, 30, 40-5 (2000) [Internal Newsletter] 
Foster, S, Is There an Association Between the Charlson Comorbidity Index and Health-Related Quality of Life, Honours Thesis, University of Newcastle (1999) [Award] 

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