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Journal Article
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Chapter in Book
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Conference Publication
White, DA and Hunt, MA and Harper, R, Forest and water policy in Australia, Mediterranean Forest Week 2015, 17-20 March 2015, Barcelona, Spain (2015) [Keynote Presentation] 
Doyle, RB and Oliver, GS, Pesticide Behaviour in Tasmanian Environments, Forest Practices Authority/CRC Forestry : Stream Seminar, 24 July 2008, Hobart, Tasmania (2008) [Conference Extract] 
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Stephenson, RP and Doyle, RB and Brown, PH, The behaviour of the herbicides MCPA and Sulfometuron Methyl in Tasmanian soils, Proceedings of the Joint Soils Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Societies of Soil Science, 1-5 December 2008, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand (2008) [Conference Extract] 
Hardie, MA, Review of Tunnel Erosion: Its Cause, Management and Repair in Southern Tasmania, Proceedings of Engineering the Future for Regional Australia : Wines, Mines & Community, 213-25 March 2007, Hunter Valley Gardens, Pokolbin, NSW (2007) [Non Refereed Conference Paper] 
Other Creative Work
Baker, SC, Seeking a balance between forestry and biodiversity - the role of variable retention silviculture. Insights from western USA and Canada, Forest & Wood Products Australia, Melbourne, pp. 60 (2011) [Minor Creative Work]
Bailey, TG, Eucalypt regeneration and ecological restoration of remnant woodlands in Tasmania, Australia (2012) [PhD] 
Gordon, M, Improving social outcomes in sustainable forest management: community engagement and commitment to corporate social responsibility by Australian forest companies (2012) [PhD] 
Branigan, S, Outdoor Recreation in Tasmania's State Forests: Challanges and Opportunities (2008) [Masters Coursework] 
Meyer, S, Water quality on two forested catchments in the Warra LTER site, Tasmania: source of colour and nutrient enrichment (2002) [Masters Research] 
Other Public Output
Tng, YPD and Williamson, GJ and Jordan, GJ and Bowman, DMJS, Giant Eucalypt forests - A globally unique fire-adapted rain forest, IVG Forest Conservation Report 5B: Giant Eucalypt Forests, Australian Government, Australia, pp. 1-41. (2011) [Government or Industry Research]
Tabart, TL and Hyland, J and Vanclay, FM, Development of a methodology to measure mental models in forestry decision making processes, Project B3: Silvicultural Systems, CRC for Sustainable Production Forestry and Tasmanian Institute of Agricultural Research, Hobart, Tasmania (2004) [Report of Restricted Access] 
Ellison, JC and Klye, D, Review of New Guidelines for the Protection of Class 4 Streams, Review of New Guidelines for Protection of Class 4 Streams: Internal report to the Forest Practices Board Revised 22 October, 2003, Forest Practices Board, Hobart (2003) [Report of Restricted Access] 

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