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Journal Article
Galloway, T and Haward, M and Mason, SA and Babayemi, JO and Hardesty, BD and Krause, S and Lamb, J and Hinojosa, IA and Horton, A, Science-based solutions to plastic pollution, One Earth, 2 pp. 5-7. ISSN 2590-3330 (2020) [Non Refereed Article]
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Chapter in Book
Smith, TF and Choy, Dl and Thomsen, DC and Serrao-Neumann, S and Crick, F and Sano, M and Richards, R and Harman, B and Baum, S and Myers, S and Sharma, V and Bussey, M and Matthews, J and Roiko, A and Carter, RW, Adapting Australian coastal regions to climate change, Climate Change and the Coast: Building Resilient Communities, Taylor and Francis, BC Glavovic, M Kelly, R Kay & A Travers (ed), United States, pp. 269-284. ISBN 978-1-4822-8858-2 (2015) [Research Book Chapter] 
Conference Publication
Mooney, B and de Salas, MF and Hallegraeff, GM and Place, A, Karlotoxin production by two species of Karlodinium (Dinophyta): Algicidal activity against Karenia and ichthyotoxicity against sheepshead minnow larvae, Proceedings of 13th International Conference on Harmful Algae, 3-7 November 2008, Hong Kong, China, pp. 137-141. (2010) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Davies, PE, Basslink monitoring program: Gordon River flow threshold triggers for benthic macroinvertebrate monitoring, Freshwater Systems (2014) [Consultants Report]
Davies, PE and Cook, LSJ, Biomonitoring of the Derwent River at Derwent Bridge: 2014, Freshwater Systems (2014) [Consultants Report]
Davies, PE, An assessment of the risks of Gambusia infestation in Tasmania, NRM North, Tasmania (2012) [Consultants Report]
Davies, PE and Cook, LSJ, Biomonitoring of the Derwent River at Derwent Bridge: 2012, Freshwater Systems (2012) [Consultants Report]
Davies, PE, Meander Dam - dry season environmental flows assessment, Tasmanian Irrigation (2012) [Consultants Report]
Other Public Output
Fischer, AM, Eddies of the East Australia Current: Long Term Biological Impacts, International Association of Maritime Universities, Australia, pp. 1-9. (2013) [Government or Industry Research]
Davies, PE, Appointed a Member of the Order of Australia, Tasmania, Australia, 26 January (2012) [Award] 

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