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Journal Article
Winton, H and Bowie, A and Keywood, M and van der Merwe, P and Edwards, R, Suitability of high-volume aerosol samplers for ultra-trace aerosol iron measurements in pristine air masses: blanks, recoveries and bugs, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions pp. 1-32. ISSN 1867-8610 (In Press) [Refereed Article]
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Conference Publication
Ehrhardt, F and Soussana, JF and Bellocchi, G and McAuliffe, R and Recous, S and Sandor, R and Smith, P and Snow, V and Brilli, L and Dorich, CD and Fitton, N and Harrison, MT and Jones, SK and Kirschbaum, MUF and Klumpp, K and Liebig, M and Lieffering, M and Martin, R and Merbold, L and Moore, AD and Myrgotis, V and Newton, P and Rolinski, S and Wu, L, Using model ensembles to assess long term changes in temperate grasslands SOM and associated C&N fluxes, Proceedings of 6th International Symposium on Soil Organic Matter, 3-7 September 2017, Harpenden, United Kingdom, pp. 1-3. (In Press) [Conference Extract]
Tennant, A and Proemse, B and Wieser, M, Sampling atmospheric Mo content and isotopic composition on a global scale, Goldschmidt Conference 2015 Abstracts, 16-21 August 2015, Prague, pp. 3098. (2015) [Conference Extract]
Harrison, M and Christie, K and Rawnsley, R and Eckard, R, Pasture management and livestock genotype interventions to improve whole farm productivity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensities, Livestock, Climate Change and Food Security 2014, 19-20 May 2014, Madrid, Spain (2014) [Conference Extract]
Swarts, N and Hardie, M and Oliver, G and Close, D and Rogers, G and Daynes, C, Reducing N2O emissions in key perennial tree crop industries, National Agricultural Nitrous Oxide Research Program (NANORP) Meeting, February 2014, Canberra, Australia (2014) [Plenary Presentation]
Swarts, ND and Hardie, MA and Oliver, GS and Close, DC, Understanding the role of nitrogen management in apple orcharding to mitigate nitrous oxide emissions, 29th International Horticultural Congress 2014, 17-22 August 2014, Brisbane, Australia (2014) [Conference Extract] 
Oliver, G and Swarts, N and Hardie, M and Close, D and Rogers, G and Montague, K, Understanding the role of nitrogen management in apple orcharding to mitigate nitrous oxide emissions, National Agricultural Nitrous Oxide Research Program (NANORP) Meeting, November 2014, Canberra, Australia (2014) [Plenary Presentation]
Swarts, N and Hardie, M and Oliver, G and Close, D and Rogers, G, Reducing N2O emissions in key perennial tree crop industries, National Agricultural Nitrous Oxide Research Program (NANORP) Meeting, August 2013, Canberra, Australia (2013) [Plenary Presentation]
Proemse, B and Mayer, B and Fenn, M, Isotopic composition of nitrate and sulfate in precipitation in Alberta (Canada), 8th International Symposium on Applied Isotope Geochemistry Abstracts, 30 August - 4 September 2009, La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada (2009) [Conference Extract]
Kuchinke, CP, Improved Techniques for Spatial and Temporal Measurement of Ultraviolet Radiation (2002) [PhD] 
Other Public Output
Todd, JJ, Estimating Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Residential Firewood Use: Australia 1989/90 to 2003/04, Eco-Energy Options Pty Ltd, Energy Strategies Pty Ltd, for AGO, Lindisfarne (2005) [Report of Restricted Access] 

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