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Journal Article
Zhang, Y and Zhou, J and Ma, Y and Liu, L and Xia, Q and Fan, D and Ai, W, Mode of delivery and preterm birth in subsequent births: A systematic review and meta-analysis, PLoS One, 14, (3) Article e0213784. ISSN 1932-6203 (2019) [Refereed Article]
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Chapter in Book
Terblanche, N, Spinal ultrasound: The superior way?, Australasian Anaesthesia 2013: Invited papers and selected continuing education lectures, Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, R Richard (ed), Australia, pp. 69-78. ISBN 978-0-9775174-9-7 (2013) [Other Book Chapter]
Conference Publication
Terblanche, N and Sturgess, D and Wisemann, S and Gregory, K, Is Carbetocin superior to Oxytocin in women undergoing caesarean section?, ANZCA Clinical Trials Network: Strategic Research Workshop 8th Annual Meeting, August 12-14, Sydney, Australia (2016) [Conference Extract]
Terblanche, N and Otahal, P and Sharman, JE, Non-inferiority study of 3IU versus 5IU slow bolus oxytocin in patients undergoing elective caesarean delivery, ANZCA ASM, May 2-5, Adelaide, Australia (2015) [Conference Extract] 
Terblanche, N and Skinner, M and Vickers, JC, Determining the relationship between anaesthesia, cognitive decline and dementia, ANZCA Clinical Trials Group Strategic Research Workshop, August 11-12, Cairns, Australia (2012) [Conference Extract] 
Davies, AN and Sullivan, CE and Webster, WS and Brown-Woodman, PDC, Effects of cocaine exposure in utero on respiratory control in the neonatal rat, Current Topics in Health Science, University of Sydney, Faculty of Health Science, 1995, Sydney Australia, pp. 1. (1995) [Conference Extract] 
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Davies, AN and Walker, DW and McMillen, IC and Thornburn, GD, Effect of heat stress on ovine fetal metabolism, Australian Perinatal Society, 1985, Ballarat Victoria, pp. 1. (1985) [Conference Extract] 
Other Public Output
Terblanche, N, Obese pregnant women a problem for anaesthetists, Melbourne Age, October 16 (2015) [Media Interview] 
Terblanche, N, Ultrasound needle guide: Anaesthetist's fix for flabby patients, Hobart Mercury, February 21 (2011) [Media Interview]

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