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Items where Subject is Socio-Economic Objective, Plant Production and Plant Primary Products, Environmentally Sustainable Plant Production, Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Plant Production

Journal Article
Bell, M and Harrison, M, Measuring or modelling greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture land use ISSN 2073-445X (In Press) [Edited Journal] 
Fest, BJ and Hinko-Najera, N and Wardlaw, TJ and Griffith, DWT and Livesley, SJ and Arndt, SK, Soil methane oxidation in both dry and wet temperate eucalypt forests shows a near-identical relationship with soil air-filled porosity, Biogeoscience, 14, (2) pp. 467-479. ISSN 1726-4170 (2017) [Refereed Article]
Conference Publication
Farina, R and Ehrhardt, F and Bellocchi, G and Chenu, C and Soussana, JF and Abdalla, M and Alvaro-Fuentes, J and Blauer, M and Brilli, L and Chakrabarti, B and Clivot, H and De Antoni, M and Di Bene, C and Dorich, C and Ferchaud, F and Fitton, N and Francaviglia, R and Franko, U and Grant, B and Guenet, B and Harrison, M and Kirschbaum, M and Kuka, K and Lehtonen, A and Martin, R and Meier, E and Menichetti, L and Mula, L and Nendel, C and Rolinski, S and Sharp, J and Shepherd, A and Smith, W and Snow, V and Taghizadeh-Toosi, A and Zhang, Q and Recous, S, C-MIP: an international model inter-comparison simulating organic carbon dynamics in bare fallow soils, Proceedings of 6th International Symposium on Soil Organic Matter, 3-7 September 2017, Harpenden, United Kingdom, pp. 1-2. (In Press) [Conference Extract]
Singh, BP and Fang, Y and Boersma, M and Collins, D and Van Zwieten, L and Macdonald, LM, Management of pasture soils: biochar stability, carbon storage potential and its effect on production and quality, Proceedings of the XXIII International Grassland Congress 2015, 20-24 November 2015, New Delhi, India, pp. 95-104. (In Press) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
Bassu, S and Acutis, M and Amaducci, S and Argenti, G and Baranowski, P and Berti, A and Bertora, C and Bindi, M and Bosco, S and Brilli, L and Cammarano, D and Doro, L and Ferrise, R and Grignani, C and Harrison, MT and Iocola, I and Krzyszczak, J and Lai, R and Morari, F and Mula, L and Nendel, C and Oygarden, L and Perego, A and Priesack, E and Pulina, A and Stella, T and Wu, L and Zubik, M and Roggero, PP, Modelling nitrous oxide emission of high input maize crop systems, Book of Abstracts, 22-24 May, Berlin, Germany, pp. 1-2. (In Press) [Conference Extract]
Harrison, MT, Session chair, 3rd International Workshop on Model Inter-Comparison on Agricultural GHG Emissions, 08-09 March 2016, Rome, Italy (2016) [Chair International Conference] 
Ehrhardt, F and Soussana, J-F and Grace, P and Recous, S and Snow, V and Bellocchi, G and Beautrais, J and Easter, M and Liebig, M and Smith, P and Celso, A and Bhatia, A and Brilli, L and Conant, R and Deligios, P and Doltra, J and Farina, R and Fitton, N and Grant, B and Harrison, M and Kirschbaum, M and Klumpp, K and Leonard, J and Lieffering, M and Martin, R and Massad Raia, S and Meier, E and Merbold, L and Moore, A and Mula, L and Newton, P and Pattey, E and Rees, B and Joanna, S and Shcherback, I and Smith, W and Topp, K and Wu, L and Zhang, W, An international intercomparison and benchmarking of crop and pasture models simulating GHG emissions and C sequestration, Climate-Smart Agriculture 2015, 16-18 March 2015, Montpellier, France (2015) [Conference Extract] 
Porter, I and Riches, D and Deuter, P and Boersma, M and Scheer, C and Firrell, M and Keane, P, Measurement and mitigation of nitrous oxide emissions in the Australian vegetable industry, 2014 National Soil Science Conference, 23-27 November 2014, Melbourne, Australia (2014) [Conference Extract]
Singh, B and Macdonald, LM and Kookana, RS and van Zwieten, L and Butler, G and Joseph, S and Weatherly, T and Kaudal, BB and Regan, A and Cattle, J and Dijkstra, F and Boersma, M and Kimber, S and Keith, A and Esfandbod, M, Opportunities and constraints for biochar technology in Australian agriculture: looking beyond carbon sequestration, 2014 National Soil Science Conference, 23-27 November 2014, Melbourne, Australia (2014) [Conference Extract] 
Macdonald, LM and Singh, B and van Zwieten, L and Singh, B and Boersma, M and Kookana, R and Kimber, S and Keith, A and Dijkstra, F and Weng, Z and Fang, Y and Farrell, M, The national biochar initiative: a country-wide approach, 2014 National Soil Science Conference, 23-27 November 2014, Melbourne, Australia (2014) [Conference Extract]
Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Rawnsley, R and Harrison, M and Christie, K, Quantifying the whole farm systems impact of nitrogen best practice on dairy farms, Hobart, Tasmania, 6 (2019) [Contract Report]
Other Public Output
Boersma, M, Cutting nitrous oxide, Good Fruit and Vegetables, Rural Press, Australia, April, pp. 18-18. (2014) [Magazine Article]
Boersma, M, Help needed to give plants their nitrogen, The Advocate, Fairfax Media, Tasmania (2014) [Newspaper Article]
Boersma, M, Vegetable crops set to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ABC Rural, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia, 22 April (2014) [Media Interview]
Boersma, M, A new way of storing carbon on farms investigated, ABC News, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia (2013) [Media Interview]
Boersma, M, Biochar initiative seeks to bring carbon capture down to earth, Research to Reality, University of Tasmania, Tasmania, 15, p. 8. (2013) [Media Interview]
Bridle, K and Mohammed, CL, Unearthing the best means to store carbon, Cuppa TIA, Tasmanian Country, Hobart, Tasmania, Friday, May 31, p. 15. (2013) [Newspaper Article] 

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