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Journal Article
Bazihizina, N and Colmer, TD and Cuin, TA and Mancuso, S and Shabala, S, Friend or Foe? Chloride patterning in halophytes, Trends in Plant Science, 24, (2) pp. 142-151. ISSN 1360-1385 (2019) [Refereed Article] 
Bell, R and Reuter, D and Scott, B and Sparrow, L and Strong, W and Chen, W, Soil phosphorus-crop response calibration relationships and criteria for winter cereal crops grown in Australia, Crop & Pasture Science, 64, (5) pp. 480-498. ISSN 1836-0947 (2013) [Refereed Article] 
Petrie, JR and Shrestha, P and Belide, S and Mansour, MP and Liu, Q and Horne, J and Nichols, PD and Singh, SP, Transgenic production of arachidonic acid in oilseeds, Transgenic Research, 21, (1) pp. 139-147. ISSN 0962-8819 (2012) [Refereed Article] 
Harrison, MT and Evans, JR and Dove, H and Moore, AD, Dual-purpose cereals: Can the relative influences of management and environment on crop recovery and grain yield be dissected?, Crop and Pasture Science, 62, (11) pp. 930-946. ISSN 1836-0947 (2011) [Refereed Article] 
McNeil, DL, Growers' manual for production of Plantago ovata in the Ord irrigation area, ISBN Services, Hobart, Tasmania, pp. 75. ISBN 978-1-63587-919-3 (2017) [Authored Other Book] 
Chapter in Book
Yadav, SS and McNeil, DL and Andrews, M and Chen, C and Brand, J and Singh, G and Shivakumar, BG and Gangaiah, B, Soil Nutrient Management, The Lentil: Botany, Production and Uses, CAB International, William Erskine, Fred J Muehlbauer, Ashutosh Sarker and Balram Sharma (ed), Oxfordshire,UK, pp. 194-212. ISBN 978-1-84593-487-3 (2009) [Research Book Chapter] 
Conference Publication
Tyerman, SD and Munns, R and Fricke, W and Arsova, B and Barkla, BJ and Bose, J and Bramley, H and Byrt, C and Chen, Z and Colmer, TD and Cuin, T and Day, DA and Foster, K and Gilliham, M and Henderson, SW and Horie, T and Jenkins, CLD and Kaiser, BN and Katsuhara, M and Plett, D and Miklavcic, SJ and Roy, SJ and Rubio, F and Shabala, SN and Shelden, M and Soole, K and Taylor, NL and Tester, M and Watt, M and Wege, S and Wegner, LH and Wen, Z, Energy costs of salinity tolerance in crop plants, New Phytologist, 10-12 April 2018, Adelaide, Australia, pp. 25-29. ISSN 0028-646X (2019) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
Wang, JM and Yang, JM and McNeil, DL and Zhou, M, Identification and molecular mapping of a new dwarfing gene from a Chinese landrace variety , Proceedings of the 14th Australasian Plant Breeding and 11th Society for the Advancement of Breeding Research in Asia & Oceania Conference, 10-14 August 2009, Cairns, Qeensland, pp. 1-5. (2009) [Conference Extract]
Birch, CJ, Chairman, Maize Conference Organising Committee and Australian Maize Conference, 2001-2003, Maize Association of Australia (2001) [Chair National Conference] 
Major Creative Work
Rebetzke, GJ and van Herwaarden, A and Biddulph, B and Moeller, CN and Chenu, K and Rattey, A, Protocols for experimental plot sampling, handling and processing of cereal experiments - Standardised methods for use in field studies, PrometheusWiki: A wiki for PROtocols, METHods, Explanations and Updated Standards in Ecological and Environmental Plant Physiology, Australia (2012) [Published Creative Work] 
Mansfield, S and Moeller, CN, It's time to look past endosulfan for crop protection. The Conversation, The Conversation Media Group, Melbourne, Australia (2011) [Published Creative Work] 
Other Public Output
Harrison, MT, ABC radio interview, ABC Tasmanian Country Hour, Ballarat, 25 September (2017) [Media Interview]
Botwright Acuna, T and Merry, AM and Dean, G and Carew, A and Leith, P and Nelson, R, Scoping study: a situation and needs analysis relating to the current and future roles of Plant Growth Regulators, Grains Research and Development Corporation, Australia (2014) [Report of Restricted Access]
Moeller, CN and Rebetzke, GJ, Solar panels inspire new wheat plant architecture, Ground Cover, Grains Research & Development Corporation, Canberra ACT, 93, 23 (2011) [Magazine Article] 
Dean, GJ, Evaluation of alternative dual purpose cereals for grazing and grain production, Southern Farming Systems 2009 Annual Trial Results Book , pp. 176-178 (2010) [Magazine Article] 

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