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Journal Article
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Chapter in Book
Maitra, P and Neelim, A, Behavioural characteristics, stability of preferences and entrepreneurial success, A Research Agenda for Experimental Economics, Edward Elgar Publishing, A Chaudhuri (ed), United Kingdom, pp. 93-118. ISBN 9781789909845 (2021) [Research Book Chapter]
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Conference Publication
Jeyasreedharan, N, Entropic Efficiency of Currency Markets, 2018 AFAANZ Conference, 1-3 july 2018, Auckland, pp. 1-29. (2018) [Refereed Conference Paper]
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Other Public Output
Blandin, A and Cloots, AS and Hussain, H and Rauchs, M and Saleuddin, R and Allen, JG and Zhang, B and Cloud, K, Global Cryptoasset Regulatory Landscape Study, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, United Kingdom (2019) [Report Other]
Lastra, RM and Allen, JG, Virtual currencies in the Eurosystem: challenges ahead, Monetary Dialogue, European Union, Brussels, Belgium, July (2018) [Government or Industry Research]
Adams, D and Auckland, S and Galvin, L and Hiscock, K and Mangan, G and Murray, S, Submission to the Healthy Tasmania, Heart Foundation, Tasmania (2016) [Report Other] 
Adams, D, A Population and Migration Strategy for Hobart and Launceston, Launceston City Council, Tasmania (2014) [Report Other] 

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