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Journal Article
Lewis, JEM and McAdam, CJ and Gardiner, MG and Crowley, JD, A facile "click" approach to functionalised metallosupramolecular architectures, Chemical Communications, 49, (33) pp. 3398-3400. ISSN 1359-7345 (2013) [Refereed Article] 
Dawood, KM and Farag, AM and El-Deftar, MM and Gardiner, M and Abdelaziz, HA, Microwave-assisted synthesis of 5-arylbenzofuran-2-carboxylates via Suzuki coupling using a 2-quinolinealdoxime-Pd(II)-complex, Arkivoc, 2013, (3) pp. 210-226. ISSN 1551-7012 (2013) [Refereed Article]
Gardiner, MG and Ho, CC and Mackay, FM and McGuinness, DS and Tucker, MH, Selective and adaptable access to N,N'-asymmetrically substituted imidazol-2-ylidene bis-NHC ligands: Pd(II) complexes featuring wide variation in N-alkyl and aryl steric bulk, Dalton Transactions, 42, (20) pp. 7447-7457. ISSN 1477-9226 (2013) [Refereed Article] 
Boyd, PDW and Edwards, AJ and Gardiner, MG and Ho, CC and Lemee-Cailleau, MH and McGuinness, DS and Riapanitra, A and Steed, JW and Stringer, DN and Yates, BF, Reduction of a chelating bis(NHC) palladium(II) complex to [{mu-bis(NHC)}2Pd2H]<+>+<->: A terminal hydride in a binuclear palladium(I) species formed under catalytically relevant conditions, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 49, (36) pp. 6315-6318. ISSN 1433-7851 (2010) [Refereed Article]
Gardiner, MG and James, AN and Jones, C and Schulten, C, Sm(II) reduction chemistry of heteroalkynes: stable adducts, reductive coupling, reductive C-C/C-N bond cleavage and trapping of the tert-butyl fragment with bulky nitriles, phosphaalkynes and isonitriles, Dalton Transactions, 39, (29) pp. 6864-6870. ISSN 1477-9226 (2010) [Refereed Article]
Ball, RJ and Genge, ARJ and Radford, AL and Skelton, BW and Tolhurst, V and White, AH, Complexes of late transition metals containing the mixed donor ligands 2,6-(RSCH2)2C5H3N (R=Ph, Me): Crystal structures of [{Cu(2,6-(PhSCH2)2C5H3N)(?-X)}2] (X=Cl, Br) and [Ni(2,6-(PhSCH2)2C5H3N)Br2], Journal of the Chemical Society-Dalton Transactions, (19) pp. 2807-2812. ISSN 1472-7773 (2001) [Refereed Article] 
Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Seen, AJ and Stack, KR and Roberts, AS, Rapid Reaction Time for a New Aluminium Flake for ALC, Ecka Granules (2007) [Contract Report] 

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