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Journal Article
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Conference Publication
Barnett, AP and Robinson, R, Stress, quality of life and the support needs of carers: the need for holistic approaches to the rehabilitation of cardiac surgical patients, Conference proceedings, 2nd UMMC Nursing Congress: Heart of Nursing and Holistic Client Centred Care, 24-27 July 2008, University of Malaysia EJ (2008) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
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Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Sansom-Gower, T and Sleigh, AC, Does government-funded Anglicare-brokered private accomodation succeed for the homeless in NW Tasmania, Anglicare, 1 (2002) [Consultants Report] 
Other Public Output
Nash, MB, Breakfast with Ryk Goddard, 936 Hobart, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Hobart, 24 April (2014) [Media Interview] 
Nash, MB, Fathers to be survey, Breakfast with Belinda King, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Launceston, 24 April (2014) [Media Interview] 
Nash, MB, New study puts fathers under the parenthood microscope, Health Canal, Health Canal, Australia, 23 April (2014) [Media Interview] 
Nash, MB, School chaplain sacked over Facebook post calling homosexuality 'not normal', ABC News, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Hobart, 8th April (2014) [Media Interview] 
Nash, MB, Study to examine support for new dads, Launceston Examiner, Alexandra Humphries, Hobart, 24 April, p. 7. (2014) [Media Interview]
Nash, MB, University of Tasmania study to put dads in the parenting picture, The Mercury, News Ltd, Australia, 7 May (2014) [Media Interview]
Scott, JL, Tasmanian blokes to be researched, Examiner Newspaper, ENT Limited, Launceston, Tasmania, 1, 12/7/2006 (2006) [Newspaper Article] 
Scott, JL, What it means to be a man, Statewide Afternoon Show, ABC, Hobart, 1, 12/7/2006 (2006) [Media Interview] 
Scott, JL, What it means to be a man, Edge Radio, University of Tasmania, Hobart, 6/11/06 (2006) [Media Interview] 
Scott, JL, What it means to be a man, Afternoon Show, ABC Newcastle, Newcastle, 25/10/06 (2006) [Media Interview] 
Scott, JL, What it means to be a man, Morning Show with Richard Aidie, Radio National, Sydney, 28/9/06 (2006) [Media Interview] 
Scott, JL, What it means to be a man, News, ABC, Hobart, 10/10/06 (2006) [Media Interview] 
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