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Journal Article
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Chapter in Book
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Conference Publication
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Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Eyles, KJ and McCall, TJ, Northern Tasmania - Regional Profile, Northern Tasmania Development, Hobart, Tasmania (2010) [Consultants Report]
Apipoonyanon, C, The Environmental Economic Valuation for Forestland and Conservation in Northeast Thailand: A case study of Mong River Basin Forest (2010) [Masters Coursework] 
Other Public Output
McDonald, J and McCormack, P, Submission to the Independent Review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, Independent Review of the EPBC Act, pp. 1-24. (2020) [Report Other]
Byrne, J, A healthy environment shouldn't just be for the rich, The Conversation, The Conversation Media Group Ltd, Australia, 26 November 2012, pp. 1-3. (2012) [Magazine Article]
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