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Journal Article
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Chapter in Book
Williams, SM and Holmes, BJ and Barnett, A and Rogers, T and Fetterplace, L and Middleton, H and Mitchell, J and Sih, T and Harasti, D and Sheaves, M and Henderson, CJ and Tibbets, IR and Mitchell, L and Martin, T and Pepperell, J and Moore, A and Skelton, M and Taylor, M and Gilby, BL and Chargulaf, C and Cortesi, F and Currey-Randall, LM and Tracey, S and Rabbitt, S and Campbell, M, Marine fishes, Wildlife Research in Australia: Practical and Applied Methods, CSIRO Publishing, B Smith, H Waudby, C Alberthsen and J Hampton (ed), Australia, pp. 519-542. ISBN 9781486313440 (2022) [Research Book Chapter]
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Kelly, R and Elsler, LG and Polejack, A and van der Linden, S and Tonnesson, K and Schoedinger, SE and Santoro, F and Pecl, GT and Palmgren, M and Mariani, P and Glithero, D and Evans, K and Cvitanovic, C and Cook, J and Bartram, J and Wisz, MS, Empowering young people with climate and ocean science: five strategies for adults to consider, One Earth, 5, (8) pp. 861-874. ISSN 2590-3330 (2022) [Other Review]
Conference Publication
Ward, TM and Smith, DC and Lukatelich, R and Lewis, R and Begg, GA and Smith, R, Integrated approach to ecological and socio-economic research to support the oil ad gas industry: the great Australian Bight collaborative research science program, 2014 International Oil Spill Conference Proceedings, 05-08 May, Savannah, Georgia, USA, pp. 2193-2205. ISSN 2169-3366 (2014) [Conference Extract]
Other Public Output
Hayes, KR and Dunstan, P and Woolley, S and Barrett, N and Foster, S and Monk, J and Peel, D and Hosack, GR and Howe, SA and Samson, CR and Bowling, R and Ryan, MP and Francis, SO, Designing a targeted monitoring program to support evidence-based management of Australian Marine Parks: A pilot in the South-east Marine Parks Network, Report to Parks Australia and the National Environmental Science Program, Marine Biodiversity Hub., Parks Australia, University of Tasmanian and CSIRO, Hobart, Tasmania, 10 June (2021) [Government or Industry Research]
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