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Copilas-Ciocianu, D and Rewicz, T and Sands, AF and Palatov, D and Marin, I and Arbaciauskas, K and Hebert, PDN and Grabowski, M and Audzijonyte, A, A DNA barcode reference library for endemic Ponto-Caspian amphipods, Scientific Reports, 12 Article 11332. ISSN 2045-2322 (2022) [Refereed Article]
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Chapter in Book
Pusey, B and Warfe, DM and Townsend, S and Douglas, M and Burrows, d and Kennard, M and Close, P, Condition, impacts and threats to aquatic biodiversity, Aquatic Biodiversity in Northern Australia, Charles Darwin University Press, Brad Pusey (ed), Darwin, Australia, pp. 151-172. ISBN 9780980864113 (2011) [Research Book Chapter] 
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Conference Publication
Hardie, M and Almajmaie, A, Steps towards the measurement and modelling of soil crusts, National Soil Science Conference 2018, 18-23 November 2018, Canberra, Australia (2018) [Non Refereed Conference Paper] 
Childs, A and Mountain, BW and O'Toole, R, Microbial community structure at Champagne Pool, Waiotapu, New Zealand, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, pp. A100, 70 (18). (2006) [Conference Extract] 
Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Hardie, SA and MacFarlane, KR, Spawning of Paragalaxias species in Great Lake, central Tasmania during 2016/17 and the influence of water levels, Hydro Tasmania, Hobart, Australia (2017) [Consultants Report] 
Hardie, SA and MacFarlane, KR, Spawning of Paragalaxias species in Great Lake, central Tasmania during 2015/16 and the influence of water levels, Hydro Tasmania, Hobart, Australia (2016) [Consultants Report] 
Hardie, SA and MacFarlane, KR and Barmuta, LA, Further examination of the life histories of galaxiid fishes in Great Lake and other lentic waters in central Tasmania, and the influence of lake hydrology on the viability of their populations, Hydro Tasmania, Hobart, Australia (2015) [Consultants Report] 
Hardie, SA and MacFarlane, KR and Barmuta, LA, Further examination of the life history attributes of galaxiid fishes in Arthurs Lake and Great Lake, central Tasmania, and the influence of lake hydrology on the viability of their populations, Hydro Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania (2014) [Consultants Report] 
Hardie, SA and MacFarlane, KR and Barmuta, LA, Life histories of galaxiid fishes in Arthurs Lake and Great Lake, Tasmania, and effects of water level fluctuations on their populations, Hydro Tasmania, Hobart, Australia (2011) [Consultants Report]
Other Public Output
Freeman, R and Hardie, SA, Galaxias auratus, Golden Galaxias, The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, Switzerland, pp. 1-11. (2019) [Government or Industry Research]
Davies, PE, International Wetlands Expert Ramsar Treaty Appointment, Oceana representative on the RAMSAR Convention scientific and technical review panel (2015) [Award]
Hardie, S, Australian endangered species: Tasmanian galaxiids, The Conversation, Australia, 23 January 2014 (2014) [Magazine Article]
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Hardie, SA, Examination of Fish and Invertebrate Fauna in Seven Lakes in the Swan Hill - Kerang Region, Northern Victoria, pp. 1-50. (2000) [Government or Industry Research]

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