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Journal Article
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Chapter in Book
Drinkall, J, Energy meets telepathy aesthetics and materialist consciousness, Energy Culture: Art and Theory on Oil and Beyond, University of West Virginia Press, J Diamanti and I Szeeman (ed), USA ISBN 9781949199116 (2019) [Research Book Chapter] 
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Conference Publication
Jahangiri, S, How can we reduce the rutting damage in the flexible pavement by controlling the involved factors in order to tolerate of load pressure? A literature review, Proceedings of Academics World 118th International Conference, 5-6 February 2019, Auckland, New Zealand, pp. 52-53. (2019) [Conference Extract]
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Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Todd, JJ, Moisture Content of Firewood Samples, Office of Consumer Affairs, Hobart, 96.3 (1996) [Consultants Report] 
Ng, KC and Wang, X and Gao, L and Chakraborty, A and Saha, BB and Koyama, S, Pressurized-cycle based electro-adsorption chiller (2006) [Patent]
Ferguson, SH, Remediation of petroleum-contaminated Antarctic soil (2004) [PhD] 
Other Public Output
Byrne, J and Matthews, T, What about the people missing out on renewables? Here's what planners can do about energy justice, The Conversation, The Conversation Media Group Ltd, Australia, 11 September (2017) [Magazine Article]
Banks, AJ and Todd, JJ, Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant: Problems and Prospects, Lithuanian Papers, Tasmania University Union Lithuanian Studies Society, Tasmania, 9 (1995) [Magazine Article] 

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