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Journal Article
Zhao, G and Wang, X and Negnevitsky, M and Li, C, An up-to-date review on the design improvement and optimization of the liquid-cooling battery thermal management system for electric vehicles, Applied Thermal Engineering, 219, (Part B) Article 119626. ISSN 1873-5606 (2023) [Refereed Article] 
Mebarek-Oudina, F and Hussein, AK and Younis, O and Rostami, S and Nikbakhti, R, Natural convection enhancement in the annuli between two homocentric cylinders by using ethylene glycol / water based titania nanofluid, Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences, 80, (2) pp. 56-73. ISSN 2289-7879 (2021) [Refereed Article] 
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Li, C and Negnevitsky, M and Wang, X and Yue, WL and Zou, X, Multi-criteria analysis of policies for implementing clean energy vehicles in China, Energy Policy, 129 pp. 826-840. ISSN 0301-4215 (2019) [Refereed Article] 
Shagar, V and Jayasinghe, SG and Enshaei, H, Effect of load changes on hybrid shipboard power systems and energy storage as a potential solution: A review, Inventions, 2, (3) Article 21. ISSN 2411-5134 (2017) [Refereed Article]
Guerrero, J and Davoudi, A and Belkhayat, M and Benbouzid, M and Corzine, K and Cramer, A and Dougal, R and Gamini, S and Khersonsky, Y and Kouro, S and Molinas, M and Monti, A and Tang, Y and Opila, D and Hennie, E and Sorensen, A and Sulligoi, G and Sudhoff, S and Sun, K and Tarasuik, T, Energy conversion in next-generation electric ships, IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, 32, (2) pp. 735-736. ISSN 0885-8969 (2017) [Contribution to Refereed Journal]
Abkenar, AT and Nazari, A and Jayasinghe Arachchillage, SDG and Kapoor, A and Negnevitsky, M, Fuel cell power management using genetic expression programming in all-electric ships, IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, 32, (2) pp. 779-787. ISSN 0885-8969 (2017) [Refereed Article] 
Jayasinghe, SG and Meegahapola, L and Fernando, N and Jin, Z and Guerrero, J, Review of ship microgrids: system architectures, storage technologies and power quality aspects, Inventions, 2, (1) Article 4. ISSN 2411-5134 (2017) [Refereed Article]
Schultz, MP and Walker, JM and Steppe, CN and Flack, KA, Impact of diatomaceous biofilms on the frictional drag of fouling-release coatings, Biofouling, 31, (9-10) pp. 759-773. ISSN 0892-7014 (2015) [Refereed Article] 
Venning, J and Lo Jacono, D and Burton, D and Thompson, M and Sheridan, J, The effect of aspect ratio on the wake of the Ahmed body, Experiments in Fluids, 56, (6) Article 126. ISSN 0723-4864 (2015) [Refereed Article] 
Walker, JM, The application of wall similarity techniques to determine wall shear velocity in smooth and rough wall turbulent boundary layers, Journal of Fluids Engineering, 136, (5) Article 051204. ISSN 1528-901X (2014) [Refereed Article] 
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Haque, ME and Zhong, L and Rahman, MF, The Initial Rotor Position Estimation of an interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor without a Mechanical Sensor, Electronic and Electronics Engineering Australia, Journal Of, 21, (1) pp. 33-39. ISSN 0725-2986 (2001) [Refereed Article] 
Haque, ME and Zhong, L and Rahman, MF, Selection of Voltage Switching for DTC Controlled Interior Permanent Magnet Motor, Electronic and Electronics Engineering Australia, Journal Of, 20, (1) pp. 1-8. ISSN 0725-2986 (2000) [Refereed Article] 
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Conference Publication
Sardar, A and Jayasinghe, S and Anantharaman, M, Condition monitoring for automated ferries, Proceedings of IAMU AGA 18, 11-14 October 2017, Varna, Bulgaria, pp. 524-532. ISBN 978-954-8991-96-4 (2017) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
Jayasinghe, S and Lokuketagoda, G and Enshaei, H and Ranmuthugala, D and Liang, D, Floating power platforms for offshore cold-ironing, Proceedings of IAMU AGA 17, 26-29 October 2016, Haiphong, Vietnam, pp. 402-410. ISBN 978-604-937-120-2 (2016) [Refereed Conference Paper]
Fernando, N and Jayasinghe, SG and Abkenar, AT, Marine propulsion PM motor control under inverter partial fault, Proceedings of the IEEE Southern Power Electronics Conference 2016 (SPEC 2016), 5-8 December 2016, Auckland, New Zealand, pp. 1-6. ISBN 978-1-5090-1546-7 (2016) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
Schultz, M and Flack, K and Steppe, C and Walker, J, The impact of algal biofilms on skin-friction in a turbulent channel flow, Abstracts of the 67th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, 23-25 November, San Francisco, California, United States, pp. 1. (2014) [Conference Extract]
Perkins, SCT and Henderson, AD and Walker, GJ and Sargison, J, Prediction of Free-Stream Turbulence Variation around the Leading Edge of an Axial Compressor Blade, Proceedings of the 17th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, 5-9th December 2010, Auckland, New Zealand EJ ISBN 978-0-86869-129-9 (2010) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
Goldsworthy, LC and Tajima, H, A Model for Ignition and Combustion Quality of Heavy Fuel Oil, Proceedings of the 25th CIMAC World Congress on Combustion Engine, 21-24 May 2007, Vienna EJ (2007) [Refereed Conference Paper] 

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