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Journal Article
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Chapter in Book
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Conference Publication
Sawyer, M, The Book, the Box, and the Building, The Book, The Box, The Building: Speculations on the Architecture of the Archive, 2018, Perth, Australia (2018) [Keynote Presentation] 
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Major Creative Work
Boyle, O and Retallick, S and Lavers, JL, Pelagic, Blindside Gallery, Nicholas Building, Level 7, Room 14, 37 Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC 3000 (2019) [Other Exhibition] 
Stratford, E and Low, N, A Map of a Dream of the Future, School of Geography & Environmental Studies, Tram Sheds, Inveresk (2010) [Other Exhibition]
Evans, JD and Jaensch, S and Lee, E, Table Cape lighthouse: a beacon for human achievement in a wild and beautiful place, Warath Wynyard Council, Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Services and the Federal Government, pp. 6 (2010) [Published Creative Work] 
Evans, JD, Tarkine interpretive experience, Waratah Wynyard Council, Athenaeum Hall, Waratah, Tasmania. (2009) [Published Creative Work] 
Evans, JD, Delirium, Hot Mother Lounge, Burnie, Tasmania (2005) [Other Exhibition]
Other Creative Work
Sawyer, M and May, CM, In Media Res: An Exhibition of Critical Design Practice (catalogue), PSAS Gallery, Pakenham Street, Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia, pp. 68 pages (2019) [Catalogue]
Marsh, P, Woodvine - A Gift, Inspired by Nature Films, Tasmania, pp. 1 (2016) [Minor Creative Work]
Evans, JD and Archer, JL, Shutterbirds, Greenskin media, Ulverstone, Tasmania., pp. 614 (2011) [Minor Creative Work]
Blackwood, G, Hollywood holidays: case studies of global film tourism sites and their ideological impacts (2011) [PhD]
Lennard, DW, Little Terrors: The Child Antagonist in the Horror Film (2009) [PhD] 
Jenkins, MH, The power of story and ecological consciousness: five twentieth-century films (2000) [PhD] 
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Other Public Output
Clarke, R, Art or exploitation: are we ready for NITRAM to revisit Port Arthur?, The New Daily, Australia, 2 December (2020) [Media Interview] 
Clarke, R, Should Films About Mass Murderers Be Made?, Junkee, Australia, 7 December (2020) [Media Interview] 
Blackwood, G, How Mad Max wrote the script for the action blockbuster, The Conversation, The Conversation Trust, Melbourne, 8 May (2015) [Newspaper Article]
Blackwood, G, Death tourism, Auschwitz selfies, and online souvenirs, The Conversation, The Conversation Media Group, Melbourne, 24 July (2014) [Newspaper Article]

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