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Journal Article
Morrison, LJ, A historical perspective on nature: insights from environmental philosophy and the construction of the Erie and Rideau Canals, Accounting History pp. 1-47. ISSN 1749-3374 (2023) [Refereed Article]
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Chapter in Book
Ellis, C and Kriwoken, LK, Off the Beaten Track: A Case Study of Expedition Cruise Ships in South-west Tasmania, Australia, Cruise Ship Tourism, CABI, RK Dowling (ed), Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK, pp. 251-258. ISBN 1-84593-048-7 (2006) [Research Book Chapter]
Conference Publication
Mate, K, Shopping scapes, rhizomes and social capital in the circular economy, Powering the change to to a circular economy, 15-17 November 2017, Adelaide, South Australia (2017) [Refereed Conference Paper]
McLeod, K, Evaluating preparedness for and practice of sustainability in Tasmanian small to medium enterprises, School of Geography and Environmental Studies Conference Program 2008, October 2008, Hobart, pp. 13-14. (2008) [Conference Extract] 
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Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Fiedler, T and Wickham, M, Assessing the economic, social and environmental impacts of the Cygnet Folk Festival 2018, Huon Folk Inc., Hobart (2018) [Consultants Report] 
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Berry, G, Agricultural sanitation: from 'waste' to resource (2001) [PhD] 
Doran, NE, Manipulation of Zooplankton Communities in Waste Stabilization Lagoons, with a view to Optimizing Production for Potential Harvest (1999) [PhD] 
Other Public Output
Morrison, LJ, Changing the climate on corporate emissions, Changing the climate on corporate emissions, CPA Australia, Australia, pp. 1-32. (2021) [Government or Industry Research]
Eccleston, RG and Hardy, A, Talking Point: Inflating tourism's big boom, The Mercury, Fairfax Media, Australia, 4 November (2015) [Newspaper Article] 
Reiser, D, Adventures on the Rock of the Pacific, The Examiner, The Examiner, Launceston, 1, 1 (2011) [Newspaper Article]

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