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Journal Article
Giang, CT and Ugalde, S and In, VV and Thuy, TT and Muu, TT and Huyen, VT and Lua, DT and Minh, TTN and Khuyen, TD and Khoi, LV and Sang, VV, Effect of different culture methods on growth and survival of the snout otter clam, Lutraria philippinarum, in Bai Tu Long Bay, Vietnam, Aquaculture Journal, 3, (1) pp. 32-42. ISSN 2673-9496 (2023) [Refereed Article]
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Chapter in Book
Hallegraeff, G, Dinoflagellates and Global Environmental Change, Dinoflagellates: Classification, Evolution, Physiology and Ecological Significance, Nova Science Publishers, DVS Rao (ed), New York, pp. 571-585. ISBN 9781536178883 (2020) [Research Book Chapter] 
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Odeyemi, OA and Burke, CM and Bolch, CJS and Stanley, RA, Seafood spoilage microbiota and associated volatile organic compounds at different storage temperatures and packaging conditions, International Journal of Food Microbiology, 280 pp. 87-99. ISSN 0168-1605 (2018) [Review Several Works]
Conference Publication
Nur, KU and Adams, L and Stone, D and Savva, N and Adams, M, Comparison of three inert markers in measuring apparent nutrient digestibility of juvenile abalone under different culture condition and temperature regimes, IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 24-25 July 2017, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, pp. 012004. ISSN 1755-1307 (2018) [Refereed Conference Paper]
Supono, S and Bolch, C and Knowles, G, Pathological alteration of digestive tissues in blue mussel (Mytillus galloprovincialis) larvae induced by Alexandrium fundyense lysates, AIP Conference Proceedings, 15-16 September 2017, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, pp. 1-7. ISSN 0094-243X (2018) [Refereed Conference Paper]
Rahman, A and D'Este, CE and McCulloch, J, Ensemble feature ranking for shellfish farm closure cause identification, Proceedings of MLSDA 2013, 3 December 2013, Dunedin, New Zealand, pp. 13-18. ISBN 978-1-4503-2513-4 (2013) [Refereed Conference Paper]
Hallegraeff, G and Murray, S and Bolch, CJS, Recent paralytic shellfish toxin (PST) event in Tasmania, Proceedings from the 9th International Conference on Molluscan Shellfish Safety, 17-22 March 2013, Sydney, Australia, pp. 17. (2013) [Chair National Conference]
D'Este, CE and Rahman, A, Similarity weighted ensembles for relocating models of rare events, MCS 2013: Multiple Classifier Systems, 15-17 May 2013, Nanjing, China, pp. 25-36. ISBN 978-3-642-38066-2 (2013) [Refereed Conference Paper]
Other Public Output
Odeyemi, O, IMAS Prize for most inspiring PhD candidature, IMAS-University of Tasmania, Australia (2020) [Award]
Hallegraeff, G and Bolch, C and Bradbury, A and Campbell, K and Condie, SA and Dorantes, J and Harwood, T and Murray, S and Turnbull, A and Ugalde, SC and Wilson, K, Improved understanding of Tasmanian harmful algal blooms and biotoxin events to support seafood risk management, Fisheries Research & Development Corporation, 2014/032, pp. 1-132. (2017) [Government or Industry Research]
Bolch, C and Moltschaniwskyj, N, Towards reliable hatchery-produced quality blue mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis: an integrated approach to optimising supply, Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania, Australia, pp. 1-111. (2013) [Government or Industry Research]

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