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Journal Article
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Chapter in Book
Goodman, C and Thakchoe, S, The Many Voices of Buddhist Ethics, Moonpath: Ethics and Emptiness, Oxford University Press, The Cowherds (ed), New York, pp. 7-20. ISBN 9780190260507 (2016) [Research Book Chapter] 
Thakchoe, S, The Prāsaṅgika Ethics of Momentary Disintegration (Vināśa Bhāva): Causally Effective Karmic Moments, Moonpath: Ethics and Emptiness, Oxford University Press, The Cowherds (ed), New York, pp. 159-182. ISBN 9780190260507 (2016) [Research Book Chapter] 
Cameron, P and Miller, LM, Reclaiming History for Aboriginal Governance: Tasmanian Stories, Unsettling the Settler State: Creativity and Resistance in Indigenous Settler-State Governance, The Federation Press, S Maddison and M Brigg (ed), Melbourne, pp. 32-50. ISBN 9781862878266 (2011) [Research Book Chapter]
Miller, LM, The Pulp Mill and Tasmanian Aboriginal Heritage, Pulp Friction in Tasmania: A review of the environmental assessment of Gunns' proposed pulp mill, Pencil Pine Press, Fred Gale (ed), Launceston, pp. 199-223. ISBN 9780646545783 (2011) [Other Book Chapter]
Reynolds, J, Decision, Understanding Derrida, Continuum, Jack Reynolds and Jonathan Roffe (ed), London , pp. 1-10. ISBN 0826473164 (2004) [Research Book Chapter] 

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