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Journal Article
Loo, S and Sellbach, U, A picture book of invisible worlds: semblances of insects and humans in Jakob von Uexküll's laboratory, Angelaki: Journal of Theoretical Humanities, 18, (1) pp. 45-64. ISSN 0969-725X (2013) [Refereed Article] 
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Young, JP, Heidegger's Philosophy of Art, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, pp. 1-179. ISBN 0-521-79176-6 (2001) [Authored Other Book] 
Chapter in Book
Malpas, J, The Interiority of Landscape: Gate, Journey, Horizon, Flow: Interior, Landscape and Architecture in the Era of Liquid Modernity, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, P Stark, P Brown, P Lara-Betancourt, G Lee, and M Taylor (ed), London, pp. 149-158. ISBN 9781472568014 (2018) [Research Book Chapter] 
Malpas, J, Raw Material, Iteration: Again, public art projects across Tasmania, punctum books, David Cross (ed), New York, pp. 106-111. ISBN 9780947335878 (2013) [Other Book Chapter] 
Malpas, J, Views from a Plane: Surface, Place, and Image, Earthscape, Edwin Cheng Foundation Asian Centre for Phenomenology Research Institute for Humanities, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Chan-fai Cheung (ed), Hong Kong, pp. 1-4. ISBN 9789881877727 (2013) [Other Book Chapter] 
Malpas, J, Objectivity and self-disclosedness: the phenomenological working of art, Art and phenomenology, Routledge, Joseph D. Parry (ed), Abingdon, pp. 54-76. ISBN 9780415774505 (2011) [Research Book Chapter] 
Blackwood, YM, Parallel Hotel Worlds, Moving Pictures/Stopping Places, Lexington Books, David B Clarke, Valerie Crawford Pfannhauser and Marcus A Doel (ed), Plymouth, pp. 277-296. ISBN 9780739128558 (2009) [Research Book Chapter] 
Malpas, J, Wim Wenders: The Role of Memory, Cinematic Thinking: Philosophical Approaches to the New Cinema, Stanford University Press, James Phillips (ed), Stanford, pp. 146-159. ISBN 9780804758017 (2008) [Other Book Chapter] 
Malpas, J, Wim Wenders: The role of memory, Cinematic thinking: philosophical approaches to the new cinema, Stanford University Press, James Phillips (ed), Stanford, pp. 146-159. ISBN 9780804758017 (2008) [Research Book Chapter] 
Malpas, J, Philosophizing Place in the Joshua Tree, U2 and Philosophy, Open Court, Mark A Wrathall (ed), Chicago, pp. 43-54. ISBN 978-0-8126-9599-1 (2006) [Research Book Chapter] 
Farin, I, Heidegger's Style: On Philosophical Anthropology and Aesthetics, Monatshefte, 112, (2) pp. 353-355. ISSN 0026-9271 (2020) [Review Single Work] 
Malpas, J, A heightened responsiveness to place is the hallmark of this Tasmanian-born practice, Architecture Australia, 1, (May/June 2013) pp. 108-110. ISSN 0003-8725 (2013) [Review Single Work] 
Malpas, J, Liverpool Crescent House, Architectural Review Australia, 06, (097) pp. 76-77. (2006) [Review Single Work] 
Conference Publication
Malpas, J, Sitting within the university, RMIT University Press, 9-10.11.2009, Melbourne Town Hall, pp. 67-72. ISBN 9780646541815 (2010) [Conference Edited] 
Moltow, D, Close Distance - Space, time and art, Opening the Close Distance Exhibition, 25 September, Devonport Regional Gallery, pp. 1-4. (2009) [Keynote Presentation]
Malpas, J, Cultural Heritage in the age of new media, New Heritage; Beyond Verisimilitude, 13-14.3.2006, Hong Kong, pp. 167-181. ISBN 962-7757-08-X (2006) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
Moltow, D, The aesthetic perspective: Terror, trasgedy and the value of art, Proceedings of the 2006 Cradle Coast Research Forum, 24 July, University of Tasmania Cradle Coast Campus, pp. 1-16. (2006) [Keynote Presentation]
Other Creative Work
Malpas, J, Towards a 'natural history' of the Tasmanian landscape: the photography of Ilona Schneider, Bambra Press, Launceston, Tasmania, pp. 5-13 (2018) [Minor Creative Work]
Moss, T, Ordinary Places: North West Tasmania, The Atrium Gallery, Cradle Coast campus, University of Tasmania, Burnie, Tasmania, Australia (2011) [Minor Creative Work]
Other Public Output
Cica, N, MONA raises the philosophical bar, The Mercury, News Limited, Hobart, January 2011 (2011) [Newspaper Article] 
Cica, N, Succeeding like excess, Inside Story, Institute for Social Research Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, 1, January 2011 (2011) [Magazine Article] 
Cica, N, Mona Pavillions, Inside Interior Design Review, Niche Media, Melbourne, 1, 60 (2010) [Magazine Article] 

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