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Journal Article
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Chapter in Book
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Conference Publication
Macklin, RB and Mathison, K, Ties That Define: A Communitarian Theory of Ethics in Organizations, 2014 Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, 1-5 August, Philadelphia, pp. 1-34. (2014) [Conference Extract]
Neesham, C and Dibben, MR, Are all goods good? The profit motive - human experience trade-off in Smith, Marx and Whitehead, Proceedings of the 24th ANZAM Conference, December 8-10, Adelaide EJ ISBN 1-877040-82-7 (2010) [Refereed Conference Paper]
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Other Public Output
Cica, N, A season for soul-searching, The Mercury, News Limited, Hobart, 1, December 17 (2010) [Newspaper Article] 
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Black, R and Ramsay, H, The ethical case for gambling, The Age, Fairfax Media, Melbourne, Australia, 22 March (2004) [Newspaper Article] 

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