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Journal Article
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Chapter in Book
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Conference Publication
Forrest, HA, IPC comment re evolving MSM, ICANN65, 2019, Montreal, Canada, pp. 1-8. (2019) [Plenary Presentation]
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Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Forrest, HA, ICANN, its strategic plan and a new case for reform, Com Laude & Valideus Gazetteer, UK, 6 (2019) [Contract Report]
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Other Public Output
Forrest, H, Third Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT3) Report, ISP and Connectivity Providers Constituency, the Intellectual Property Constituency and the Business Constituency (2020) [Report Other]
Forrest, H, Copyright and related rights update - Presentation to the Office of Solicitor-General, Hobart, Tasmania (2018) [Government or Industry Research]
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