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Journal Article
Mendoza-Enano, ML and Stanley, RA and Frank, D, Dataset of volatile compounds in fresh and stored cut watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) under varying processing and packaging conditions, Data in Brief, 26 Article 104299. ISSN 2352-3409 (2019) [Refereed Article]
Kim, HJ and Yeom, SJ and Cha, KJ, A big data sharing methodology with data description and data browsing, Information, 21, (1) pp. 359-369. ISSN 1343-4500 (2018) [Refereed Article]
Akhtar, U and Razzaq, MA and Ur Rehman, U and Amin, MB and Khan, WA and Huh, E-N and Lee, S, Change-aware scheduling for effectively updating linked open data caches, IEEE Access, 6 pp. 65862-65873. ISSN 2169-3536 (2018) [Refereed Article] 
Chang, L and Chiuan Yen, C and Xue, L and Choo Tai, B and Chuan Chan, H and Been-Lirn Duh, H and Choolani, M, Factors associated with mobile health information seeking among Singaporean women, Journal of Women and Aging, 29, (1) pp. 75-86. ISSN 0895-2841 (2017) [Refereed Article] 
Saito, K and Kimura, M and Ohara, K and Motoda, H, Super mediator - A new centrality measure of node importance for information diffusion over social network, Information Sciences, 329 pp. 985-1000. ISSN 0020-0255 (2016) [Refereed Article] 
Ali, R and Siddiqi, MH and Ahmed, MI and Ali, T and Hussain, S and Huh, EN and Kang, BH and Lee, S, GUDM: automatic generation of unified datasets for learning and reasoning in healthcare, Sensors, 15, (7) pp. 15772-15798. ISSN 1424-8220 (2015) [Refereed Article]
Afzal, M and Hussain, M and Ali, T and Hussain, J and Khan, WA and Lee, S and Kang, BH, Knowledge-based query construction using the CDSS knowledge base for efficient evidence retrieval, Sensors, 15, (9) pp. 21294-21314. ISSN 1424-8220 (2015) [Refereed Article]
Monnier, S and Cox, D and Albion, T and Canzian, F, T.I.M.S: TaqMan Information Management System, tools to organize data flow in a genotyping laboratory, BMC Bioinformatics, 6, (246) EJ ISSN 1471-2105 (2005) [Contribution to Refereed Journal] 
Conference Publication
Kim, HJ and Yeom, SJ and Cha, KJ, Data-Con: A comprehensive data browsing service for real-time data sharing and utilization of big data environment, Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Smart Media and Applications (SMA 2016), 5-8 December 2016, Hobart, Tasmania, pp. 47P-50P. (2016) [Non Refereed Conference Paper]
Banos, O and Amin, MB and Khan, WA and Afzel, M and Ahmad, M and Ali, M and Ali, T and Ali, R and Bilal, M and Han, M and Hussain, J and Hussain, M and Hussain, S and Hur, TH and Bang, JH and Hyunh-The, T and Idris, M and Kang, DW and Park, SB and Siddiqui, H and Vui, LB and Fahim, M and Khattak, AM and Kang, BH and Lee, S, An innovative platform for person-centric health and wellness support, Proceedings of the 3rd Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering International Conference (IWBBIO 2015), 15-17 April 2015, Granada, Spain, pp. 131-140. ISBN 9783319164793 (2015) [Refereed Conference Paper]
Amin, MB and Hussain, S and Han, M and Kang, BH and Ik, YY and Jun, S and Lee, S, Profiling-based energy-aware recommendation system for cloud platforms, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 330: Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Science and its Applications (CSA 2014) - Ubiquitous Information Technologies, 17-19 2014, Guam, pp. 851-859. ISBN 978-3-662-45401-5 (2015) [Refereed Conference Paper]
de la Motte, L and Hartnett, JS, Using a Client-Task Based Approach to Achieve a Privacy Compliant Access Control System, Proceedings of the National e-Health Privacy and Security Symposium 2006, 24-25th October 2006, Brisbane, Australia, pp. 100-108. ISBN 1 74107 138 0 (2006) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
de la Motte, L and Hartnett, JS, Professional Access Control, Proceedings of HIC 2005: Thirteenth National Health Informatics Conference, 31 July - 2 August 2005, Melbourne, Australia EJ ISBN 0 9751013 5 8 (2005) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
Wang, H and Cao, J and Zhang, Y, A consumer scalable anonymity payment scheme with role based access control, Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering, 3-6 december 2001, Kyoto, Japan, pp. 53-62. ISBN 0-7695-1393-X (2002) [Non Refereed Conference Paper] 
Zhang, C and Turner, P and Cummings, EA, An investigation of information management, security and privacy approaches in Tasmanian General Practices, Refereed Papers from the 4th International Information Technology in Regional Areas Conference, 27-29 August 2002, Rockhampton, pp. 446-457. (2002) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
Hepburn, M and Wright, D, Trust in the Pi-Calculus, Proceedings of the 3rd International ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming (PPDP '01), September 5-7, 2001, Florence, Italy, pp. 103-114. ISBN 1-58113-388-X (2001) [Refereed Conference Paper] 

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