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Journal Article
Belle, MJ and Cook, PS, 'I've got no idea': an ethnography of critical care nurses' nuanced and ambiguous professional identities in regional Australia, Health Sociology Review pp. 1-16. ISSN 1446-1242 (2022) [Refereed Article] 
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Chapter in Book
Cook, PS and Possamai-Inesedy, A, Health and Illness as Social Issues, The Sociology of Health and Illness: Critical perspectives for 21st century Australia, Pearson Australia Group Pty Ltd, PS Cook and A Possamai-Inesedy (ed), Australia, pp. 1-31. ISBN 9780655701996 (2023) [Other Book Chapter]
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Conference Publication
McLeod, K, Creating epistemological contexts for culturally responsive research and practice in recovery, Proceedings of the 2021 Society for Social Studies of Science Annual Meeting, 06-09 October 2021, Virtual Toronto, Canada, pp. 1 piece- abstract. (2021) [Conference Extract]
Ayton, JE and Hansen, EC and Tesch, LK and Burke, E, Sharing knowledge: Using Art to translate and disseminate research findings to communities, National Rural Health Conference 2019, 24-27 March 2019, Hobart, Tasmania (2019) [Conference Extract]
Ayton, J and Tesch, L and Hansen, E, Women's experiences of ceasing to breastfeed; An Australian qualitative study, 15th National Rural Health Conference, 24 - 27 March 2019, Hobart, Tasmania (2019) [Plenary Presentation]
Hansen, E and Nash, M and Ayton, J, How fathers experience being in a 'breastfeeding family' when breastfeeding problems occur, 2017 TASA Conference, 27-30 November 2017, Perth, Australia (2017) [Conference Extract] 
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Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Churchill, B and Doherty, T and Hansen, E and Eccleston, R, People and Place: Understanding a Research Program for Understanding and Addressing Place-based Health Inequities in Tasmania, UTAS DHHS (2012) [Contract Report]
Hansen, EC and Ayton, JE and Nelson, MR, TAS Infant Feeding Study: Investigation the breastfeeding experiences, attitudes and knowloedge of Tasmanian mothers, Tasmanian Early Years Foundation, 1 (2012) [Contract Report] 
Other Public Output
Skrbis, Z and Smith, J and Laughland-Booy, J and Cook, D and Tranter, B and Findlay, A and Cunningham, M, Young Queenslanders' experiences of COVID-19: insights from the Our Lives cohort study, Australian Catholic University, Australia (2020) [Report Other]
Hansen, EC and Ayton, JE and Tesch, LK, Exploring the Role Played by Fathers in Supporting Mothers to Breastfeed, Report prepared for the Tasmanian Early Years Foundation, Tasmanian State Govenment, Tasmania (2014) [Government or Industry Research] 
Hansen, EC, Understanding Women who Smoke During Pregnancy: A Preliminary Analysis, Hobart, Tasmania (2012) [Government or Industry Research] 

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