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Journal Article
Sharma, Chitra and Ahuja, KDK and Kulkarni, B and Byrne, NM and Hills, AP, Cardiovascular diseases in rural South Asia: the story of one billion people, Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health ISSN 1470-2738 (2021) [Contribution to Refereed Journal]
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Chapter in Book
Roydhouse, J and Campbell, J, Proxy Measures for Quality of Life in Cancer, Handbook of Quality of Life in Cancer, Springer, Cham, AP Kassianos (ed), Switzerland, pp. 289-310. ISBN 9783030847029 (2022) [Research Book Chapter] 
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Conference Publication
West, S and Shannon, E and Crisp, E and Barnett, T, A recipe for success: Localism and bounded rationality in lobbying for radiation therapy services in north west Tasmania, SHAPE Symposium 2017, 19-21 July 2017, Sydney (2017) [Conference Extract]
Stanesby, O and Rankin, G and Callinan, S and Laslett, A-M, Experience of alcohol-related harm and support for stricter alcohol control policies in Australia: Analysis of the 2013 National Drug Strategy Household Survey, Drug and Alcohol Review, pp. 20. ISSN 0959-5236 (2016) [Conference Extract]
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Bell, EJ, Latest climate science: extreme weather and the social consequences of climate change, Australian Climate Action Summit Program, 22 June 2013, Sydney, pp. F:\PES 2013\Program _ Australia's Climat. ISBN 978-1-86295-648-3 (2013) [Plenary Presentation]
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Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Doherty, T and Eccleston, RG, Thriving Communities Healthy Families: Final Evaluation Report, Neighborhood Houses Tasmania, Australia (2016) [Contract Report]
Doherty, T and Eccleston, RG, Thriving Communities Healthy Families: Mid-Project Evaluation Report, Neighborhood Houses Tasmania, Australia (2015) [Contract Report] 
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Bell, EJ and Turner, PL, Climate change health impact and risk assessment tool: a pilot implementation project, Tasmanian Government, 1 (2011) [Consultants Report]
Jackson, N, Projections of Multiple Sclerosis. Tasmania. A Report, Multiple Sclerosis Tasmania (2009) [Contract Report] 
Major Creative Work
Cook, PS and Vince, JZ and Stanford, SN, May contain traces of…, 10 Days on the Island, Academy Gallery - Inveresk (2017) [Other Exhibition]
Other Public Output
Seivwright, A, 'The Horse has Bolted': Attitudes towards COVID-19 management in 2022, The Tasmania Project Report 58, University of Tasmania - Institute of Social Change, Tasmania, Australia, 02 march 2022, pp. 1-4. (2022) [Report Other]
Seivwright, A, Entering Year 3 of the Pandemic: COVID-19 and Flu Vaccination Intention, The Tasmania Project Report 57, University of Tasmania - Institute of Social Change, Tasmania, Australia, 02 March 2022, pp. 1-17. (2022) [Report Other]
Seivwright, A, Tasmanians' views, 20 Talking Point, The Mercury, Hobart, Tasmania, 1, 21 October 2021 (2021) [Newspaper Article]
Atkins, KM and Wilson, L, Performance and Progress Indicators for the National Strategic Framework for Rural and Remote Health, Final Report, Rural Health Standing Committee of the Standing Council on Health, Australia (2013) [Government or Industry Research] 

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