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Journal Article
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Chapter in Book
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Conference Publication
Wills, B, Let them pay for cake: considering social enterprise business models for emergency food relief in Australia, Food Politics: From the Margins to the Mainstream - Book of Abstracts, 30 June-1July 2016, Hobart, Australia, pp. 40. (2016) [Conference Extract]
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Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Carter, D and Muller, P, The Economic and Cultural Value of Live Music in the Northern Territory, MusicNT, Darwin, NT (2018) [Contract Report]
West, J, An innovation strategy for Tasmania: A new vision for economic development, Tasmanian State Government, Hobart, October (2009) [Contract Report]
Major Creative Work
Rankin, Peter and Ngwenya, E, Linking Awareness and Likely Achievement of Global Millennium Development Goals: Evidence and Implications for advocacy from 46 countries, CG Publishing (Youtube Video), B7kOHWaQd0, for the Internatinal Journal of Enviromental, Cultural, Economics & Social Sustainability, CG Publishing, www (2011) [Broadcast] 
Other Creative Work
Fluck, A, Monument to the Immigrants in Bento Goncalves, IPS News, Brazil, pp. 1 (2009) [Minor Creative Work] 
Fluck, A, Mural of the Arriving Immigrants, Villa Fornasier, IPS News, Brazil, pp. 1 (2009) [Minor Creative Work] 
Other Public Output
Harrison, M, The Tasmanian government has learned lessons from the Moon Lake sale, says a leading China expert, Stock and Land, 1 May 2018 (2018) [Media Interview]
Crawford, J, Decentralisation of federal agencies, relocation to Launceston, Mornings with Leon Compton, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia, 5 July 2017, p. 2. (2017) [Media Interview]
Crawford, J, Decentralise offices, and do it strategically, The Examiner, Fairfax Media, Australia, 5 July 2017, p. 1. (2017) [Newspaper Article]
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Eccleston, RG, Clever and kind is no easy trick, The Mercury, Davies Brothers Pty Ltd., Hobart (2008) [Newspaper Article] 

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