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Journal Article
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Chapter in Book
Bromley, P and Flemming, G, Care of the neonate with a cardiovascular disorder, Neonatal Nursing in Australia and New Zealand: Principles for Practice, Elsevier Chatswood, V Kain and T Mannix (ed), Australia ISBN 9780729542609 (2018) [Other Book Chapter] 
Conference Publication
Young, S and Campbell, S and Frandsen, M and Mather, C, An examination of influences on women's mental wellbeing after childbirth in Tasmania: implications for future policy and practice, Tasmanian Nursing and Midwifery Conference, 20-21 February 2020, Hobart, Tasmania (2020) [Conference Extract]
Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Stewart, R and Abernethy, G and Ayton, J, Understanding the rural maternity workforce in South Australia, Country Health South Australia Local Health Network, Australia (2019) [Consultants Report]
Robinson, A and Di Cocco, C, Reclaiming Midwifery Practice - The Development Program for Rural and Remote Midwives Preceptor Research Project - Final Report, University Department of Rural Health and Tasmanian School of Nursing, Launceston, 1 (2002) [Consultants Report] 
Moon, SE, Measuring dominant leadership of the Tasmanian Health Service Nurse and Midwife Leaders in preparation of the Magnet Recognition Program (2018) [Masters Research]
Other Public Output
David, P, Book Reviews, Midwifery News and Views, Australian College of Midwives, Hobart, 1999, Spring (1999) [Internal Newsletter] 
David, P, Editorial, Midwifery News and Views, Australian College of Midwives, Inc, Hobart, 1999, Winter (1999) [Internal Newsletter] 
David, P, Editorial, Midwifery News and Views, Australian College of Midwives, Inc, Hobart, 1999, Autumn (1999) [Internal Newsletter] 
David, P, Editorial, Midwifery News and Views, Australian College of Midwives, Inc, Hobart, 1999, Summer (1999) [Internal Newsletter] 
David, P, Media Watch, Midwifery News and Views, Australian College of Midwives, Inc, Hobart, 1999, Summer (1999) [Internal Newsletter] 

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