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Chapter in Book
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Conference Publication
Meyer, A and Holbrook, N and Strutton, P and Eccleston, R and Harris, R and Remenyi, T, Climate change - a Tasmanian perspective, Tasmanian Climate Change Symposium Hobart, 15 October, CSIRO, Hobart (2021) [Keynote Presentation]
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Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Prahalad, V, Clifton Saltmarshes, Pipe Clay Lagoon: baseline condition assessment and management recommendations, Australia (2016) [Consultants Report]
Prahalad, V and Helman, M, Atlas of coastal saltmarsh wetlands in Northern Tasmania, Natural Resource Management Northern Tasmania, Australia (2014) [Contract Report]
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Potter, S, Constituting the quarantine protection of islands designated IUCN Category 1a protected areas - theoretical and practical perspectives (2009) [PhD] 
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Other Public Output
Ross, J, Don't be taken in by these figures, The Mercury, Nationwide News Pty Ltd, Hobart, 02 December 2020, pp. 24-25. (2020) [Newspaper Article]
Ross, J, Why the carry-on about carry-overs matters, The Mercury, Nationwide News Ltd, Hobart, 03 January 2020 (2020) [Newspaper Article]
Ross, J, Don't be dazzled by the maths - our emissions are rising, The Mercury, Nationwide News Pty Ltd, Hobart, 25 July 2019, pp. 18-19. (2019) [Newspaper Article]
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Maynard, DL and Gaston, TF and Thomas, GA, 2010 C- Star Commercialisation awards, Finalist (Team Bycatch) 2010 C- Star awards, Dept of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts, Tasmania (2010) [Award] 
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Bowman, DMJS, Down in the forest something stirred..., New Scientist, Reed Business Information Ltd., United Kingdom, 148, 2007, p. 54. (1995) [Magazine Article] 

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