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Journal Article
Bekkers, R and Iversen, E and Blind, K, Emerging ways to address the re-emerging conflict between patenting and technological standardization, Industrial and Corporate Change, 2011, (4) pp. 1-31. ISSN 0960-6491 (2011) [Refereed Article]
Eccleston, RG, Macroeconomic stabilisation and its implications for personal income tax reform in the lead-up to the 2007 Federal Election, Australian Tax Forum, 22, (3) pp. 45-59. ISSN 0812-695X (2007) [Refereed Article] 
Eccleston, RG, The Howard Government, Capital Taxation and the Limits of Redistribution?, Australian Journal of Political Science, 42, (2) pp. 351-364. ISSN 1036-1146 (2007) [Refereed Article]
Coleman, WO, The Campaign Against Economic Reform, The Sydney Papers, 13, (3) pp. 153-163. ISSN 1035-7068 (2001) [Professional, Non Refereed Article] 
Eccleston, RG, Taxing Reforms: The Politics of the Consumption Tax in Japan, the United States, Canada and Australia, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, Cheltenham, pp. 190. ISBN 978-1-84542-120-5 (2007) [Authored Research Book]
Coleman, WO and Hagger, AJ, Exasperating Calculators: The rage over economic raionalism and the campaign against Australian economists, Macleay Press, Paddington, NSW, Australia, pp. 336. ISBN 1-876492-03-1 (2001) [Authored Research Book] 
Giesecke, JAD and Madden, JR, FEDERAL-PE: A Large-scale Political-economy CGE Model, Centre for Regional Economic Analysis, Hobart, pp. 39. ISBN 0-85901-951-9 (2001) [Authored Other Book] 
Groenewold, N and Hagger, AJ and Madden, JR, Regional Government Objectives and the Impact of Federal Government Transfers, Centre for Regional Economic Analysis, Hobart, pp. 25. ISBN 0-85901-953-5 (2001) [Authored Other Book] 
Chapter in Book
Gulbrandsen, M and Klitkou, A and Iversen, E, Influences on the Commercial Success of Academic Patents, Academic Patents: Emerging Issues and Challenges, ICFAI University Press , Krishna, CS (ed), Hyderabad, pp. 16-47. ISBN 81-314-1349-7 (2008) [Research Book Chapter]
Eccleston, RG, Corruption, Political and Business, Global Perspectives on the United States: Issues and Ideas Shaping International Relations, Berkshire Publishing Group, D Levinson and K Christensen (ed), Massachusetts, pp. 63-66. ISBN 978-1-933782-07-2 (2007) [Research Book Chapter] 
Eccleston, RG, Globalisation and the Politics of Taxation, Globalising Government Business Relations, Pearson, G Curran and E van Acker (ed), Frenchs Forest, pp. 215-234. ISBN 978-0-7339-8627-7 (2007) [Research Book Chapter] 
Gale, F, Greening Ricardo: Toward a Theory of Selective Trade in an Era of Sustainable Globalisation, Gloabalisation and the Ecological Crisis, German Overseas Institute, W Hein and P Fuchs (ed), Hamburg, pp. 153-164. ISBN 3-926953-42-X (1999) [Research Book Chapter] 
Gale, F, Greening Trade: The Next Round of GATT/WTO Negotiations, Green Cuba: Towards a Model of Sustainability for the 21st Century, Jose Marti Press, C Diaz (ed), Cuba, pp. 343-358. ISBN 959-09-0177-8 (1999) [Other Book Chapter] 
Gale, F, The Greening of Political Economy: An Ecological Political Economic Approach to Production and Consumption, Green Cuba: Towards a Model of Sustainability for the 21st Century, Jose Marti Press, C Diaz (ed), Cuba, pp. 197-218. ISBN 959-09-0177-8 (1999) [Other Book Chapter] 
Eccleston, RG, Review of Havens in a Storm: The Struggle for Global Tax Regulation by Jason Sharman, Australian Journal of International Affairs, 61, (4) pp. 554-556. (2007) [Review Single Work] 
Conference Publication
Tee, R and Iversen, E, Organizational design and the changing role of standardization: a study of the Symbian alliance, EGOS Colloquium Passion for Creativity and Innovation - Energizing the study of organizations and organizing, July 2009, Barcelona (2009) [Non Refereed Conference Paper] 
Groenewold, N and Hagger, AJ and Madden, JR, The Effects of Federal Inter-regional Transfers with Optimizing Regional Governments, GTAP Conference Website, 27-29 June, Purdue University, Indiana, pp. 19. (2001) [Non Refereed Conference Paper] 
Iversen, E, Sources of inventive activity and the IPR - system: An empirical analysis of a changing relationship in a small open economy (Norway) (2011) [PhD] 
Volders, AR, The Political Ecology of International Trade (2002) [PhD] 

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