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Journal Article
Li, X and Ouyang, L and Hui, F and Cheng, X and Shokr, M and Heil, P, An improved automated method to detect landfast ice edge off Zhongshan Station using SAR imagery, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 11, (12) pp. 4737-4746. ISSN 1939-1404 (2018) [Refereed Article] 
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Cheng, L and Zhang, L and Wang, Y-P and Yu, Q and Eamus, D and O'Grady, A, Impacts of elevated CO2, climate change and their interactions on water budgets in four different catchments in Australia, Journal of Hydrology, 519, (B) pp. 1350-1361. ISSN 0022-1694 (2014) [Refereed Article] 
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Davidson, GJ and Bavea, M and Harris, K, Ferruginous thermal spring complexes, northwest Tasmania: evidence that far-field stresses acting on a fracture mesh can open and maintain vertical fluid flow in carbonate terrains, Hydrogeology Journal, 19, (7) pp. 1367-1386. ISSN 1431-2174 (2011) [Refereed Article]
Kiernan, K and Wood, C and Middleton, G, Aquifer structure and contamination risk in lava flows: insights from Iceland and Australia, Environmental Geology, 43, (7) pp. 852-865. ISSN 0943-0105 (2003) [Refereed Article] 
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Kiernan, K, Underground drainage at Mole Creek, Tasmania, Australian Geographical Studies, 28, (2) pp. 224-239. ISSN 0004-9190 (1990) [Refereed Article] 
Conference Publication
Nikkels, MJ and van Bakel, PJT and Delsman, JR and de Louw, PGB and van Oel, PR and Stuyt, LCPM and Vellinga, P and Velstra, J and Hellegers, PJGJ, The regional feasibility of augmented local water storages, Proceedings of the 21st International Congress on Modelling and Simulation, 29 November - 4 December 2015, Gold Coast, Australia, pp. 2276-2282. ISBN 978-0-9872143-5-5 (2015) [Refereed Conference Paper]
Grasby, S and Proemse, B, Gully formation by groundwater discharge in a polar desert, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Proceedings of the Geofluids VII International Conference, 6-8 June 2012, Rueil-Malmaison, France (2012) [Conference Extract]
Grasby, SE and Proemse, B, Mars-like gully formation by perenial discharge of high latitude (81 N) saline springs, 39th International Association of Hydrogeologists Congress Abstracts, 16-21 September 2012, Niagara Falls (2012) [Conference Extract]
Holloway, DS and Forbes, LK, Boundary element computation of fresh water groundwater lenses, Proceedings of the 7th Biennial Engineering Mathematics and Applications Conference, September 2005, Melbourne, Australia, pp. C446-C461. ISSN 1446-8735 (2006) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
Kiernan, K and Middleton, G, Groundwater Movement and Management in Tube-fed Lavas, Proceedings of the 15th Australasian Cave and Karst Management Association Conference on Cave Management in Australasia, May 2003, Queensland, pp. 40-45. (2005) [Non Refereed Conference Paper] 
Kiernan, K and Middleton, G, Groundwater Movement and Management of Tube-fed Lavas, Fifteenth Australasian Conference on Cave and Karst Management, Chillagoe Caves and Undara Lava Tubes, North Queensland 5 May to 12 May 2003, 2003, North Queensland, pp. 17-17. (2003) [Conference Extract] 
Davidson, GJ and Garven, G and Kitto, P and Berry, RF, Geochemically discrete fluid bodies formed by convection at the heated edge of porous seafloor aquifer, Beyond 2000: New Frontiers in Isotope Geoscience, Lorne, Australia, pp. 39-40. ISBN 0-7340-1772-3 (2000) [Conference Extract] 
garven, G and Bull, SW, Groundwater flow modelling of SEDEX-type ore genesis in the McArthur Basin, northern Australia, Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, 13-16 November, Reno, Nevada, USA, pp. A60-A61. ISSN 0016-7592 (2000) [Conference Extract] 
Yang, J, Hydrothermal fluid circulation in modern seafloor massive sulfide deposits and geophysical response: example of the TAG mound, CODES Special Publication, 16-19 November, Hobart, TAS, pp. 229. ISBN 0 85901 914 4 (2000) [Conference Extract] 
Yang, J and McPhie, J, Hydrothermal fluid migration in complex submarine volcanic successions, CODES Special Publication, 16-19 November, Hobart, TAS, pp. 231-232. ISBN 0 85901 914 4 (2000) [Conference Extract] 

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