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Items where Subject is Field of Research, Earth Sciences, Climate change science, Greenhouse gas inventories and fluxes

Journal Article
Forster, D and Deng, J and Harrison, MT and Shurpali, N, Simulating soil-plant-climate interactions and greenhouse gas exchange in boreal grasslands using the DNDC model, Land, 11, (11) Article 1947. ISSN 2073-445X (2022) [Refereed Article]
Friedlingstein, P and O'Sullivan, M and Jones, MW and Andrew, RM and Hauck, J and Olsen, A and Peters, GP and Peters, W and Pongratz, J and Sitch, S and Le Quere, C and Canadell, JG and Ciais, P and Jackson, RB and Alin, S and Aragao, LEOC and Arneth, A and Arora, V and Bates, NR and Becker, M and Benoit-Cattin, A and Bittig, HC and Bopp, L and Bultan, S and Chandra, N and Chevallier, F and Chini, LP and Evans, W and Florentie, L and Forster, PM and Gasser, T and Gehlen, M and Gilfillan, D and Gkritzalis, T and Gregor, L and Gruber, N and Harris, I and Hartung, K and Haverd, V and Houghton, RA and Ilyina, T and Jain, AK and Joetzjer, E and Kadono, K and Kato, E and Kitidis, V and Korsbakken, JI and Landschutzer, P and Lefevre, N and Lenton, A and Lienert, S and Liu, Z and Lombardozzi, D and Marland, G and Metzl, N and Munro, DR and Nabel, JEMS and Nakaoka, SI and Niwa, Y and O'Brien, K and Ono, T and Palmer, PI and Pierrot, D and Poulter, B and Resplandy, L and Robertson, E and Rodenbeck, C and Schwinger, J and Seferian, R and Skjelvan, I and Smith, AJP and Sutton, AJ and Tanhua, T and Tans, PP and Tian, H and Tilbrook, B and Van Der Werf, G and Vuichard, N and Walker, AP and Wanninkhof, R and Watson, AJ and Willis, D and Wiltshire, AJ and Yuan, W and Yue, X and Zaehle, S, Global carbon budget 2020, Earth System Science Data, 12, (4) pp. 3269-3340. ISSN 1866-3508 (2020) [Refereed Article]
Harrison, MT and Christie, KM and Fletcher, K and Tomita, K and Tomlinson, J and Lucas, D and Meyer, R and Doran-Browne, N, Carbon EDGE : Pathways to carbon neutrality through sustainable and productive red meat production, Meat & Livestock Australia Limited, pp. 166. (2022) [Authored Other Book]
Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Harrison, M and Christie, K and Sinclair, K and McDonald, S and Badgery, W and Fletcher, K and Tomlinson, J and Tomita, K and Lucas, D and Meier, E and O'Grady, A and Mokany, K, Sustainable Pathways to CN30 : Milestone 3, Meat and Livestock Australia Limited, North Sydney NSW, 3 (2021) [Contract Report]
Other Public Output
Harrison, MT, Invitation to attend LETS 2022 Expert Focus Group on Livestock Feed Supplements, Office of the Special Adviser on Low Emissions Technology, Australia (2022) [Award] 
Harrison, MT, Invitation to participate in Dairy Australia's work on reducing methane emissions as a committee member, Dairy Australia, pp. 1-2. (2022) [Award] 

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