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Journal Article
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Conference Publication
Yee, SS and Zainal, N and Fanam, PD, Challenges and opportunities of digitization on container shipping industry in supply chain perspective, Proceedings of the 10th Asian Logistics Round Table Conference (ALRT), 19-20 November 2020, Launceston, Tasmania, pp. 1-15. (2020) [Refereed Conference Paper]
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Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Campbell-Ellis, MA, Extent of Euphorbia paralias in identified Neophema chrysogaster feeding grounds in the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area between Native Well Bay and Pavement Point , North West Enviornment Centre and Cradle Coast Natural Resource Management, 1 (2007) [Consultants Report]
Wilmshurst, TD, A Metaphoric Approach to Stakeholder Theory: The Decision to Report Environmental Information (2004) [PhD] 
Srisarin, R, Public Participation in Forest Managemtent in Thailand: A Case Study of Sanepong Village, Kanchanaburi Province (1995) [Masters Coursework] 
Koroluk, IA, Should We Rubbish Disposable Nappies? An Assessment of Common Claims Against Disposable Nappies (1995) [Masters Coursework] 
Other Public Output
Chen, S-L, Industry impacts of Australian port privatization, Port Technology, PTI, UK, 76, pp. 76-78. (2017) [Magazine Article]
Sooksripaisarnkit, P, Same-sex marriages on cruises - not to be too overjoyed as yet!, Daily Cargo News, Paragon Media, Australia, 16 October 2017 (2017) [Magazine Article]
Hanson, DJ and Steen, JT and White, RD, Corporate Governance, Interformance and Legitimacy: A Case-Study of Annual Reports, School of Management Working Paper Series, School of Management, Launceston, 20, 02 (2000) [Report of Restricted Access] 
Chadwick, SA and Hanson, DJ, Environmental Management, Structure, Networks & Information Exchange: The Case of a Tasmanian Pulp and Paper Mill, School of Management Working Paper Series, School of Management, Launceston, 20, 08 (2000) [Report of Restricted Access] 
Hay, PR, Language and Violence, 7ZR, ABC radio, Hobart, 9 May (1996) [Media Interview] 
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Banks, AJ and Todd, JJ, Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant: Problems and Prospects, Lithuanian Papers, Tasmania University Union Lithuanian Studies Society, Tasmania, 9 (1995) [Magazine Article] 

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