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Journal Article
D'Alessandro, S and Miles, M and Martinez-Lopez, FJ and Anaya-Sanchez, R and Esteban-Millat, I and Torrez-Meruvia, H, Promote or Perish? A brief note on academic social networking sites and academic reputation, Journal of Marketing Management pp. 1-7. ISSN 0267-257X (2019) [Refereed Article] 
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Stringer, C and Shantapriyan, P, Setting Performance Targets, Business Expert Press, LLC, New York, pp. 144. (2011) [Authored Other Book]
Chapter in Book
Adler, R and Stringer, C and Shantapriyan, P and Birch, G, AirAsia: Towards a new world' carrier strategy and implications for performance management system design, The Routledge Companion to Performance Management and Control, Taylor & Francis Ltd, E Harris (ed), United Kingdom, pp. 1-27. ISBN 1138913545 (2018) [Research Book Chapter] 
Conference Publication
Laud, G and Robinson, L, Consumer Data Integration Process for Value Co-creation in Service systems, SERVSIG 2020 Conference and Student Research Colloquium (In Press) [Conference Extract]
Laud, G and Robinson, LJ, The Consumer Data Integration Process in Tech-infused Service Systems, Frontiers In Service Conference, 25 - 29 June 2020, Babson College, Massachusetts (In Press) [Conference Extract]
Shantapriyan, PT, Setting Financial Performance Thresholds, Targets and Maximums in Bonus Plans, 2018 Management Accounting Section Midyear Meeting, 5-6 January 2018, Scottsdale, Arizona, pp. 1-41. (2018) [Plenary Presentation]
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Bonney, LB and Shantapriyan, P and Muscat, P and Worinu, M, A feasibility study for a new wholesale fresh produce market in Port Moresby, Acta Horticulturae, 17-22 August 2014, Brisbane, Australia, pp. 83-90. ISSN 0567-7572 (2014) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
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Venkatraman, I and Shantapriyan, PT, Understanding and Evaluating IT Budgets and Funding, Proceedings of the 8th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management and 3rd International Conference on Utility Management & Safety, 30 October - 1 November 2013, Hong Kong, pp. 1-8. (2013) [Conference Extract]
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Moore, DRJ, A Water Industry Case Study: Environmental Cost Allocation as a Part of the EMS - No, Why Not?, Program and Proceedings 17th Asian Pacific Conference on International Accounting Issues, 20-23 November 2005, Wellington, New Zealand EJ (2005) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
Sawatsuk, B, Enhancing Internal Control and Risk Management in Accounting Information Systems - Thai SMES Recommendations (2010) [PhD] 
Pothisarn, Thunyanee, Optimal Decision Making by Thai Management: Focus on the Enterprise Information System (2010) [PhD] 
Vichitdhanabadee, J, Performance Measurement and Management Practices in Thai SMEs (2010) [PhD] 
Other Public Output
Laud, G, 2020-2019 Highly Commended Paper Award - Value co-destruction: a typology of resource misintegration manifestations, Journal of Services Marketing, United Kingdom, 33, 7 (2019) [Award]

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