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Funari, CS and Carneiro, RL and Egeness Creese, M and Leme, GM and Cavalheiro, AJ and Hilder, EF, On Track for a Truly Green Propolis-Fingerprinting Propolis Samples from Seven Countries by Means of a Fully Green Approach, ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 4, (12) pp. 7110-7117. ISSN 2168-0485 (2016) [Refereed Article] 
Ghanem, A and Aboul-Enein, MN and El-Azzouny, A and El-Behairy, MF and Al-Humaidi, E and Alaidan, AA and Amin, K and Al-Ahdal, MN, Direct enantioselective HPLC monitoring of lipase-catalyzed kinetic resolution of tiaprofenic acid in nonstandard HPLC organic solvents, Chirality , 20, (8) pp. 871-877. ISSN 0899-0042 (2008) [Refereed Article]
Ghanem, A, Trends in lipase-catalyzed asymmetric access to enantiomerically pure/enriched compounds, Tetrahedron, 63, (8) pp. 1721-1754. ISSN 0040-4020 (2007) [Refereed Article]
Ghanem, A and Aboul-Enein, HY, Application of lipases in kinetic resolution of racemates, Chirality, 17, (1) pp. 1-15. ISSN 0899-0042 (2005) [Refereed Article]
Ghanem, A and Aboul-Enein, HY, Lipase-mediated chiral resolution of racemates in organic solvents, Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 15, (21) pp. 3331-3351. ISSN 0957-4166 (2004) [Refereed Article]
Lindner, E and Ghanem, A and Warad, I and Eichele, K and Mayer, H and Schurig, V, Asymmetric hydrogenation of an a,a-unsaturated ketone by diamine(ether-phosphine)ruthenium(II) complexes and lipase-catalyzed kinetic resolution: a consecutive approach, Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 14, (8) pp. 1045-1053. ISSN 0957-4166 (2003) [Refereed Article]
Ghanem, A and Schurig, V, Entrapment of Pseudomonas cepacia lipase with peracetylated β-cyclodextrin in sol-gel: application to the kinetic resolution of secondary alcohols , Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 14, (17) pp. 2547-2555. ISSN 0957-4166 (2003) [Refereed Article]
Ghanem, A and Schurig, V, Lipase-catalyzed access to enantiomerically pure (R)- and (S)-trans-4-phenyl-3-butene-2-ol , Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 14, (1) pp. 57-62. ISSN 0957-4166 (2003) [Refereed Article]
Ghanem, A and Schurig, V, Lipase-catalyzed Irreversible Transesterification of Secondary Alcohols Using Isopropenyl Acetate, Monatshefte fur Chemie / Chemical Monthly, 134, (8) pp. 1151-1157. ISSN 0026-9247 (2003) [Refereed Article]
Ghanem, A, The utility of cyclodextrins in lipase-catalyzed transesterification in organic solvents: enhanced reaction rate and enantioselectivity, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 1, (8) pp. 1282-1291. ISSN 1477-0539 (2003) [Refereed Article]
Ghanem, A and Schurig, V, Lipase-catalyzed irreversible transesterification of 1-(2-furyl)ethanol using isopropenyl acetate, Chirality, 13, (2) pp. 118-123. ISSN 0899-0042 (2001) [Refereed Article]
Ghanem, A and Schurig, V, Peracetylated a-cyclodextrin as additive in enzymatic reactions: enhanced reaction rate and enantiomeric ratio in lipase-catalyzed transesterifications in organic solvents, Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 12, (19) pp. 2761-2766. ISSN 0957-4166 (2001) [Refereed Article]
Chapter in Book
Ghanem, A, Lipase-catalyzed kinetic resolution of racemates: A versatile method for the separation of enantiomers, Enantiomer Separation Fundamentals and Practical Methods, Springer Verlag, Fumio Toda (ed), New York, pp. 193-230. ISBN 9781402023361 (2005) [Research Book Chapter] 

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