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Parker, J and O'Brian, C and Hawrelak, J, A narrative review of the role of gastrointestinal dysbiosis in the pathogenesis of polycystic ovary syndrome, Obstetrics & gynecology science, 65, (1) pp. 14-28. ISSN 2287-8580 (2022) [Refereed Article]
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Wang, CA and Attia, JR and Lye, SJ and Oddy, WH and Beilin, L and Mori, TA and Meyerkort, C and Pennell, CE, The interactions between genetics and early childhood nutrition influence adult cardiometabolic risk factors, Scientific Reports, 11, (1) ISSN 2045-2322 (2021) [Refereed Article]
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Nguyen, HH and Wu, F and Oddy, WH and Wills, K and Brennan-Olsen, SL and Jones, G and Winzenberg, T, Longitudinal associations of dietary patterns with sociodemographic and lifestyle factors in older adults: the TASOAC study, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, (November) pp. 1-9. ISSN 0954-3007 (2020) [Refereed Article] 
Torres, SJ and Grimes, C and Nowson, CA and Jayasinghe, SU and Bruce, CR and Mason, SA and He, FJ and Turner, AI, Urinary sodium is positively associated with urinary free cortisol and total cortisol metabolites in a cross-sectional sample of Australian schoolchildren aged 5-12 years and their mothers, The British Journal of Nutrition, 121, (2) pp. 164-171. ISSN 0007-1145 (2019) [Refereed Article]
Namasivayam, P and Barnett, T and Hofto, S and Mallick, S and Low, CS and Stevens, T, Greek Recipes: Recipes for people effected by cancer, Centre for Rural Health, University of Tasmania, Launceston, Australia, pp. 36. ISBN 978-1-922352-42-2 (2020) [Authored Other Book]

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