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Zhu, T and Huang, Y and Qian, D and Sheng, Y and Zhang, C and Chen, S and Zhang, H and Wang, H and Zhang, X and Liu, J and Ding, C and Liu, L, Assessing the function of the ZFP90 variant rs1170426 in SLE and the association between SLE drug target and susceptibility genes, Frontiers in Immunology, 12 pp. 1-10. ISSN 1664-3224 (2021) [Refereed Article]
Halpert, G and Watad, A and Tsur, AM and Dotan, A and Quiros-Lim, HE and Heidecke, H and Gilburd, B and Haik, J and Levy, Y and Blank, M and Amital, H and Shoenfeld, Y, Autoimmune dysautonomia in women with silicone breast implants, Journal of Autoimmunity, 120 pp. 1-8. ISSN 0896-8411 (2021) [Refereed Article] 
Lee, AYS and Leung, SHP, Safety profile of iron polymaltose infusions, Hospital Practice, 47, (2) pp. 96-98. ISSN 2154-8331 (2019) [Refereed Article] 
Wiede, F and Roomberg, A and Darby, J and Gollan, R and Korner, H, Both Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Signaling Pathways Contribute to Mortality but not to Splenomegaly in Generalized Lymphoproliferative Disorder, Antibodies, 4, (1) pp. 1-10. ISSN 2073-4468 (2015) [Refereed Article]
Chang, PP and Lee, SK and Hu, X and Davey, G and Duan, G and Cho, JH and Karupiah, G and Sprent, J and Heath, WR and Bertram, EM and Vinuesa, CG, Breakdown in repression of IFN-γ mRNA leads to accumulation of self-reactive effector CD8+ T cells, Journal of Immunology, 189, (2) pp. 701-10. ISSN 0022-1767 (2012) [Refereed Article] 
Josey, L and Curley, M and Jafari Mousavi, F and Taylor, BV and Lucas, R and Coulthard, A, Imaging and diagnostic criteria for Multiple Sclerosis: Are we there yet?, Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology, 56, (6) pp. 588-593. ISSN 1754-9477 (2012) [Contribution to Refereed Journal]
Woods, GM and Chen, YP and Dewar, AL and Doherty, KV and Toh, BH and Muller, HK, Prevention of Autoimmunity by Induction of Cutaneous Tolerance, Cellular Immunology, 207, (1) pp. 1-5. ISSN 0008-8749 (2001) [Refereed Article] 
Lee, AYS, A review of the role and clinical utility of anti-Ro52/TRIM21 in systemic autoimmunity, Rheumatology International, 37, (8) pp. 1323-1333. ISSN 0172-8172 (2017) [Substantial Review] 

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