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Conference Publication
Norouzi, S and Myers, SA, Zinc is critical for the activation of cell signalling molecules in skeletal muscle: implications for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, Tasmanian Health Conference 2016, 30 July, 2016, Hobart, Tasmania (2016) [Conference Extract]
Fosang, AJ and Golub, S and Last, K and Lees, S and Wilson, RR and Aspberg, A and Little, CB and Sutton, P, Bioactivity in an aggrecan 32mer fragment is mediated via toll-like receptors, Proceedings of the 9th Pan Pacific Connective Tissue Societies Symposium, November 24-27 2013, Hong Kong, pp. 0076. (2014) [Conference Extract] 
Salimi, M and Norouzi, S and Norouzi, M and Amini, M and Amanzadeh, A, COX-2 independent induction of apoptosis by two synthetic COX-2 inhibitors in breast cancer cell line, European Journal of Cancer, pp. S40. ISSN 0959-8049 (2014) [Conference Extract]
Norouzi, S and Norouzi, M and Ayerian, S and Kandelous, HM and Nabiuni, M and Salimi, M, Evaluation of apoptosis induced by COX-2 inhibitors in leukemia and breast cancer cells, 21st Iranian Congress of Physiology and Pharmacology, 23-27 August, 2013, Tabriz, Iran (2013) [Conference Extract]
Truman, J-P and Gueven, N and Lavin, M and Leibel, S and Kolesnick, R and Fuks, Z and Haimovitz-Friedman, A, Transcriptional down-regulation of Ataxia-Telangiectasia Mutated protein (ATM) radiosensitizes human prostate cancer cells, INIS Collection, 17-22 August 2003, Brisbane, Australia, pp. 100. (2003) [Refereed Conference Paper]
Norouzi, S, Apoptotic Effects of celecoxib derivatives on MCF-7 and K562 cell lines (2014) [Masters Research]

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