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Journal Article
Balasso, M and Hunt, MA and Jacobs, A and O'Reilly-Wapstra, JM, Development of a segregation method to sort fast-grown Eucalyptus nitens (H. Deane & Maiden) Maiden plantation trees and logs for higher quality structural timber products, Annals of Forest Science, 79, (1) Article 1-15. ISSN 1297-966X (2022) [Refereed Article]
Balasso, M and Hunt, MA and Jacobs, A and O'Reilly-Wapstra, J, Quality traits of plantation Eucalyptus nitens logs impacting volume and value recovery of structural sawn boards, European Journal of Wood and Wood Products, 80 pp. 657-668. ISSN 0018-3768 (2022) [Refereed Article]
Rocha-Sepulveda, MF and Vega, M and Gendvilas, V and Williams, D and Harrison, PA and Vaillancourt, RE and Potts, BM, R-based image analysis to quantify checking and shrinkage from wood wedges, European Journal of Wood and Wood Products, 79 pp. 1269-1281. ISSN 0018-3768 (2021) [Refereed Article] 
Vega, M and Hamilton, M and Downes, G and Harrison, PA and Potts, B, Radial variation in modulus of elasticity, microfibril angle and wood density of veneer logs from plantation-grown Eucalyptus nitens, Annals of Forest Science, 77 Article 65. ISSN 1286-4560 (2020) [Refereed Article] 
Balasso, M and Kutnar, A and Niemela, EP and Mikuljan, M and Nolan, G and Kotlarewski, NJ and Hunt, MA and Jacobs, A and O'Reilly-Wapstra, JM, Wood properties characterisation of thermo-hydro mechanical treated plantation and native tasmanian timber species, Forests, 11, (11) Article 1189. ISSN 1999-4907 (2020) [Refereed Article]
McGavin, RL and Bailleres, H and Hamilton, M and Blackburn, D and Vega, M and Ozarska, B, Variation in rotary veneer recovery from Australian plantation Eucalyptus globulus and Eucalyptus nitens, BioResources, 10, (1) pp. 313-329. ISSN 1930-2126 (2015) [Refereed Article]
Blackburn, D and Hamilton, M and Williams, D and Harwood, C and Potts, B, Acoustic wave velocity as a selection trait in Eucalyptus nitens, Forests, 5, (4) pp. 744-762. ISSN 1999-4907 (2014) [Refereed Article]
Downes, G and Touza, M and Harwood, C and Wentzel-Vietheer, M, NIR detection of non-recoverable collapse in sawn boards of Eucalyptus globulus, European Journal of Wood and Wood Products, 72, (5) pp. 563-570. ISSN 0018-3768 (2014) [Refereed Article] 
Allen, KJ and Drew, DM and Downes, G and Evans, R and Cook, ER and Battaglia, M and Baker, PJ, A strong regional temperature signal in low-elevation Huon pine, Journal of Quaternary Science, 28, (5) pp. 433-438. ISSN 0267-8179 (2013) [Refereed Article] 
Wentzel-Vietheer, M and Washusen, R and Downes, GM and Harwood, C and Ebdon, N and Ozarska, Barbara and Baker, TG, Prediction of non-recoverable collapse in Eucalyptus globulus from near infrared scanning of radial wood samples, Holz Als Roh- Und Werkstoff: European Journal of Wood and Wood Industries, 71, (6) pp. 755-768. ISSN 0018-3768 (2013) [Professional, Non Refereed Article]
Farrell, R and Innes, TC and Harwood, CE, Sorting Eucalyptus nitens plantation logs using acoustic wave velocity, Australian Forestry, 75, (1) pp. 22-30. ISSN 0004-9158 (2012) [Refereed Article] 
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Alves, A and Simoes, R and Stackpole, DJ and Vaillancourt, RE and Potts, BM and Schwanninger, M and Rodrigues, J, Determination of the syringyl/guaiacyl ratio of Eucalyptus globulus wood lignin by near infrared-based partial least squares regression models using analytical pyrolysis as the reference method, Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy, 19, (5) pp. 343-348. ISSN 0967-0335 (2011) [Refereed Article]
Dare, M and Schirmer, J and Vanclay, FM, Does forest certification enhance community engagement in Australian plantation management?, Forest Policy and Economics, 13, (5) pp. 328-337. ISSN 1389-9341 (2011) [Refereed Article]
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Valencia, J and Harwood, C and Washusen, R and Morrow, A and Wood, M and Volker, P, Longitudinal growth strain as a log and wood quality predictor for plantation-grown Eucalyptus nitens sawlogs, Wood Science and Technology: Journal of The International Academy of Wood Science, 45, (1) pp. 15-34. ISSN 0043-7719 (2011) [Refereed Article] 
Dare, MA and Vanclay, F and Schirmer, J, Understanding community engagement in plantation forest management: insights from practitioner and community narratives, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 54, (9) pp. 1149-1168. ISSN 0964-0568 (2011) [Refereed Article]
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Conference Publication
Balasso, M, Wood quality and segregation systems: the potential for solid wood products from fibre grown plantations, Lunchtime sessions with centre for forest value researchers (2021) [Keynote Presentation]
Balasso, M and Hunt, M and Nolan, G and Kotlarewski, N and Jacobs, A and O'Reilly-Wapstra, J, Use of non-destructive techniques to optimise the production of structural products from Eucalyptus plantations grown for fibre, Proceedings of the XXV IUFRO World Congress, 29 September - 05 October 2019, Curitiba, Brazil (2019) [Conference Extract]
Balasso, M and Hunt, M and Nolan, G and Kotlarewski, N and Jacobs, A, From the forest to products: how segregation systems will allow the characterisation of fibre-grown plantations for higher value production, Proceedings of the 2018 Society of Wood Science and Technology/Japan Wood Research Society International Convention, 5-9 November 2018, Nagoya University, Japan, pp. 340-341. (2018) [Conference Extract]
Hamilton, M and McGavin, R and Bailleres, H and Blackburn, D and Vega, M and Potts, B and Ozarska, B and Harwood, C and Hunt, MA, NCFFI Eucalyptus globulus and E. nitens rotary peeling study, National Centre for Future Forest Industries Delivery Workshop 2014, 25-27 November 2014, Hobart, Australia (2014) [Conference Extract] 
Blackburn, DP, Improving Eucalyptus nitens for sawn-board,veneer and paper products (2012) [PhD] 
Mummery, DC, The application of landscape productivity and environmental modelling to improve plantation site selection and yield prediction (2009) [PhD] 
Other Public Output
Soriano, FP, Sustainable bamboo utilization in Thailand, Long term improvements result from an ITTO project, Tropical Forest Update, International Tropical Timber Organisation, Yokohama Japan, 18, 2 (2008) [Government or Industry Research] 

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