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Journal Article
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Conference Publication
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Contract Report, Consultant's Report
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Major Creative Work
Mauro-Flude, MN, Dances with her Shadow: An ode to Man Ray's Rope Dancer accompanies herself with her shadows (1916), Seam 2011: Spacing Movements Outside In, Sydney (2011) [Performance] 
Mauro-Flude, MN and Samson, A, Confessions, n8 De Oude Kerk, Museum Night Amsterdam (2010) [Performance] 
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Lester, EA, Contesting Wilderness: Media, Movement and Environmental Conflict in Tasmania (2005) [PhD] 
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Other Public Output
Freeman, CJ, Voices from the Theatre, Tasmania 40 South, Tasmania, 80, pp. 61-67. (2016) [Magazine Article] 
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