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Journal Article
De Lange, P and Daff, L and Jackling, B, The 11 commandments of publishing, Accounting Research Journal, 31, (3) pp. 442-457. ISSN 1030-9616 (2016) [Refereed Article] 
Martinkus, JR, Kidnapped in Iraq: attacked in Australia, Overland, Spring, (204) pp. 8-16. ISSN 0030-7416 (2011) [Non Refereed Article] 
Martinkus, JR, Things Fall Apart, Overland, 195, (Winter) ISSN 0030-7416 (2009) [Non Refereed Article] 
Rupar, V, Newspapers' production of common sense: the 'greenie madness' or why should we read editorials?, Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism, 8, (5) pp. 591-610. ISSN 1464-8849 (2007) [Refereed Article] 
Jacobsen, ALL, Videnskab Og Medier - hvorfor Galathea 3 ikke blev Galathea 2, Tidsskrift for Søvæsen, 178, (4) pp. 218-233. ISSN 0040-7186 (2007) [Professional, Non Refereed Article] 
Rupar, V, How did you find that out? Transparency of the Newsgathering Process and the Meaning of News: A case study of New Zealand journalism, Journalism Studies, 7, (1) pp. 127-143. ISSN 1461-670X (2006) [Refereed Article] 
Lester, EA, Journalism, Reflexivity, and the Natural State, Australian Journal of Communication, 33, (2, 3) pp. 75-88. ISSN 0811-6202 (2006) [Refereed Article] 
Rupar, V, Reflections on journalism and objectivity: an episode, ideal or obstacle, New Zealand Journal of Media Studies, 9, (2) pp. 12-17. ISSN 1173-0811 (2006) [Refereed Article] 
Lester, EA, We Too Are Green: Public Relations, Symbolic Power and the Tasmanian Wilderness Conflict, Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy, 121, (November) pp. 52-64. ISSN 1329-878X (2006) [Refereed Article]
Bainbridge, JG, Discovering the Law Again: John Grisham, Ed Stevens and the Postmaterial Lawyer, Australian Journal of Communication, 30, (2) pp. 15-31. ISSN 0811-6202 (2003) [Refereed Article] 
Chapter in Book
Martinkus, JR, Justice and the Militia's, The Best Australian Essays 2001, Black Inc., Peter Craven (ed), Melbourne, pp. 80-90. ISBN 1863950915 (2001) [Other Book Chapter] 
Martinkus, JR, The Profiteers of Post War, After War: the 90's chaos and fragile hopes, Autrement, Remi Ourdan (ed), Paris, pp. 160-172. ISBN 2746700611 (2001) [Other Book Chapter] 
Goc, NE, Alive: The Autobiography of an Immigrant, Australian Mosaic, 11, (3) pp. 49-50. (2005) [Review Single Work] 
Major Creative Work
Martinkus, JR, Afganistan: The Australian Experience - Tarin Kot, 2011, The Australian War Memorial (2013) [Recorded Creative Work]
Martinkus, JR, Australian Patrol Bases: Uruzgan Province, Afganistan, Australian War Memorial, The Australian War Museum (2013) [Recorded Creative Work]
Goc, NE, Medicine, Medea and the Media: The Rise and Fall of Roy Meadow (2007) [PhD] 
Other Public Output
Boyce, J, The Devil and Scott Morrison, The Monthly, Schwartz Media, Australia, February (2019) [Magazine Article]
Boyce, J, The lie of responsible gambling', The Monthly, Schwartz Media, Australia, June (2019) [Magazine Article]
Martinkus, JR, Two-faced policy on refugees exposes Liberals' ugly side, National Times, online, 9 March (2011) [Newspaper Article] 
Martinkus, JR, What does the Australian military have to hide, New Matilda, newmatilda,com, Sydney, 13 Octobrer (2009) [Newspaper Article] 
Jacobsen, ALL, Forskere - Galathea 3 Forskning: Anne Lif Lund Jacobsen, Galathea 3 Ekspeditionen, Galathea 3 Ekspeditionen, Kobenhavn (2006) [Magazine Article] 
Jacobsen, ALL and Petersen, R, Galathea 3: Anne Lif Lund Jacobsen, Danish Radio Program, SBS Radio, Australia, August 12 (2006) [Media Interview] 
Martinkus, JR, Indonesia clamps down on reporting of West Papua, The Age, Fairfax, Melbourne, 13 April (2006) [Newspaper Article] 
Martinkus, JR, The muffled cry of freedom falls on deaf ears in Canberra, The Sydney Morning Herald, Fairfax, Sydney, 12 April (2006) [Newspaper Article] 
Jacobsen, ALL and Jastrup, M, Der er en forventning om at vi skal lave en sensation, Politiken.DK, JP/Politikens Hus A/S, Denmark, December 28 (2005) [Media Interview] 

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