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Journal Article
Limnios, EM and Schilizzi, SGM and Burton, M and Ong, A and Hynes, N, Willingness to pay for product ecological footprint: Organic vs non-organic consumers, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 111 pp. 338-348. ISSN 0040-1625 (2016) [Refereed Article] 
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Chapter in Book
Lewis, G, Bellamy's Organic: Providing babies and young children with a pure start to life. Part 1 Case Study, Principles of Marketing, Armstrong, G, Adam, S Denize, S & Kotler, P (ed), pp. 65-67. (2016) [Other Book Chapter] 
Conference Publication
Lewis, G and Ariyawardana, A and Lim-Camacho, L and Crawford, J, Exploring climate change adaptation with Australian wine consumers, 22nd International Farm Management Association Congress, 3-8 March, Launceston (2019) [Non Refereed Conference Paper]
Yang, L and Rajaguru, R and Kumar, S, Investigating source differences of online reviews in an emerging market, ANZMAC 2019 Conference Proceedings, 2-4 December 2019, Wellington, NZ, pp. 696-700. ISSN 1447-3275 (2019) [Conference Extract]
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Ariyawardana, A and Lim-Camacho, L and Lewis, GK and Crimp, S, Consumer acceptance of climate adaptation strategies in Australian agribusiness, 25th Annual World Symposium of the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association, 14-18, United States (2015) [Non Refereed Conference Paper] 
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Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Camacho, LL and Ariyawardana, A and Lewis, GK and Crimp, S, Climate adaptation: what it means for Australian consumers, CSIRO, Australia (2015) [Contract Report]
Lui, Y and Kow, F and Grewal, D, Oyster Consumption Study in australia: Results of a 2003 Survey, Report prepared for the Tasmanian Oyster Research Council, South Australia Oyster Research Council and Institutional Grant Scheme Australia, Tasmanian Oyster Research Council, South Australia Oyster Research Council and Institutional Grant S, 2003 (2004) [Contract Report] 
Other Public Output
Grimmer, MR, Shopping habits of post war generations in Australia, ABC Television News 8/9/08, ABC News, Australia, 1, 1 (2008) [Media Interview] 
Grimmer, MR, Shopping habits of post war generations in Australia, ABC Radio News 8/9/08, ABC News, Australia, 1, 1 (2008) [Media Interview] 
Grimmer, MR, Shopping habits of post war generations in Australia, ABC Radio - Interview by Jo Spargo, ABC Afternoons Program 936, Australia, 1, 1 (2008) [Media Interview] 

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