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Journal Article
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Conference Publication
Graham, F, Oceanic melting driving East Antarctic ice sheet dynamics, Proceedings from the Theo Murphy Australia Frontiers of Science Symposium on The Antarctic Frontier: Developing Research in an Extreme Environment, 13-15 September 2017, Hobart, Australia (2017) [Conference Extract]
Graham, F and Morlighem, M and Warner, R and Treverrow, A, The effect of anisotrophy on simulated ice dynamics: an idealised ice shelf example using the ice sheet system model, Geophysical Research Abstracts, 23-28 April 2017, Vienna, Austria, pp. 1. (2017) [Conference Extract]
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Dow, CF and Werder, MA and Graham, F and Roberts, JL and Walker, RT and Nowicki, S, The impact of subglacial lakes on catchment-scale drainage dynamics in East Antarctica, American Geophysical Union, Fall General Assembly 2016, 11-15 December 2016, California, United States of America (2016) [Conference Extract]

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