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Journal Article
Xavier, LH and Giese, EC and Ribeiro-Duthie, AC and Lins, FAF, Sustainability and the circular economy: a theoretical approach focused on e-waste urban mining, Resources Policy pp. 1-9. ISSN 0301-4207 (In Press) [Refereed Article] 
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Chapter in Book
Srivastava, P and Kumar Yadav, A and Garaniya, V and Abbassi, R, Constructed Wetland Coupled Microbial Fuel Cell Technology: Development and Potential Applications, Microbial Electrochemical Technology: Sustainable Platform for Fuels, Chemicals and Remediation, Elsevier BV, SV Mohan, S Varjani, A Pandey (ed), Netherlands, pp. 1021-1036. ISBN 9780444640529 (2019) [Research Book Chapter] 
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Franks, SW, The scientific method (and other heresies), Climate Change - the Facts 2014, Institute of Public Affairs, A Moran (ed), Melbourne, pp. 252-263. ISBN 978-0-909536-00-8 (2014) [Other Book Chapter] 
Conference Publication
Wessels, K and van den Bergh, F and Steenkamp, K and Swanpoel, D and McAlister, B and Salmon, B and Roy, D and Kovalskyy, V, Maximising automation in land cover monitoring with change detection, International Conference of the African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment 2014: Programme, 27-31 October 2014, University of Johannesburg, South Africa, pp. 1-8. (2014) [Refereed Conference Paper]
Fan, S-S and Yang, C-J and Hu, R, A real-time monitoring system for oceanographic parameters based on GPRS technique, Proceedings of the Twentieth (2010) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, 20-25 June 2010, Beijing, China, pp. 1023-1027. ISBN 978-1-880653-77-7 (2010) [Non Refereed Conference Paper]
Parsons, S, Thermal Mass and Thermoregulation: A Study of Thermal Comfort in Temperate Climate Residential Buildings, Proceedings of 2006 Conference 'Repair, Reconstruction and Reconciliation: A Profile of Environmental Remediation in Tasmania', August, Hobart, Tasmania, pp. 56-57. (2006) [Conference Extract] 
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Parsons, S and Kriwoken, LK, Thermal Mass, Thermal Comfort and Thermoregulation in Cool Temperate Climate Residential Buildings, Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society Proceedings of Solar 2006; 44th ANZSES Annual Conference Canberra, Australia 13 to 15 September 2006. Clean Energy? Can Do! , September, Canberra EJ ISBN 0975065041 (2006) [Non Refereed Conference Paper] 
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O'Brien, M and Todd, JJ, Self-Sufficiency in Domestic Energy Supply in Tasmania, Proceedings of Solar 99 Opportunities in a Competitive Market Place, 1-3 December 99, Deakin University, Geelong, pp. CD Rom. ISBN 0958619204 (1999) [Non Refereed Conference Paper] 
Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Todd, JJ, Technical Report No. 4: Review of Literature on Residential Firewood Use, Wood-Smoke and Air Toxics, Environment Australia (2002) [Consultants Report] 
Gras, J and Meyer, C and Weeks, I and Gillet, R and Galbally, I and Todd, JJ and Carnovale, F and Joynt, R and Hinwood, A and Berko, H and Brown, S, Technical Report No. 5: Emissions from Domestic Solid Fuel Burning Appliances (Wood-Heaters, Open Fireplaces), Environment Australia (2002) [Consultants Report] 
Todd, JJ, A Snapshot of Wind Energy Activities in WA, MUERI (1999) [Contract Report] 
Todd, JJ and Andrews, L, Stormwater Gross Solids Trap Monitoring, Final Report for the Clarence City Council, Clarence City Council (1999) [Consultants Report] 
Patterson, R, From Development to Sustainable Development in the Cook Islands (2008) [Masters Coursework] 
Thongserm, S, The Comparison of Road Traffic Noise Levels from Prediction Models and Actual Noise Measurement (2002) [Masters Research] 
Berry, G, Agricultural sanitation: from 'waste' to resource (2001) [PhD] 
Beckitt, ACR, Ecological modernisation at the periphery: an analysis of greenhouse development opportunities in a 'clean green' Australian State (2001) [Masters Coursework] 
Brassington, J, Wilderness Management: Human Waste & Water Quality. (1999) [Masters Coursework] 
Other Public Output
Todd, JJ, Breathe the Benefits, WIN TV, Environment Australia, Hobart, 9.6.99 (1999) [Media Interview] 
Todd, JJ, Electricity Self-sufficiency in Tasmania, ANZSES Solar House Tour, ANZSES, Geeveston, 26.9.99 (1999) [Media Interview] 
Todd, JJ, From Ignalina to Pangea, For and Against Nuclear Energy, Environmental Students Society, Environmental Students Society, University of Tasmania, 2.8.99 (1999) [Media Interview] 
Todd, JJ, Solar Electricity in Tasmania with Rick Patterson, ABC Radio, ABC, Hobart, 24.9.99 (1999) [Media Interview] 
Todd, JJ, Sun Spaces - Improve the Efficiency and Comfort of Your Home, Tasmanian Alternative Home Expo, Tasmanian Alternative Home Expo, Hobart, Hobart, 18.4.99 (1999) [Media Interview] 
Todd, JJ, The Case Against Pangea, University of the Third Age, University of the Third Age, Tasmania, 16.6.99 (1999) [Media Interview] 
Todd, JJ, Wood Fired Power Stations with Steve McCutchins, ABC Radio, ABC, Hobart, 30.9.99 (1999) [Media Interview] 
Todd, JJ, Woodheater Emissions: Facts and Fallacies, Clean Air Society, Clean Air Society, WA branch, Perth, 3.3.99 (1999) [Media Interview] 
Todd, JJ, Woodheaters and Air Quality, Air Quality Co-ordinating Committee, WA Dept. of Environment and Planning, Perth, 15.1.99 (1999) [Media Interview] 

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