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Nichols, PD and Pethybridge, HR and Zhang, B and Virtue, P and Meyer, L and Dhurmeea, Z and Marcus, L and Ericson, JA and Hellessey, N and Every, S and Wheatley, K and Parrish, CC and Eisenmann, P and Baylis, AMM and Bradshaw, CJA and Bierwagen, SL and Young, JW and Couturier, LIE and Rohner, CA and Gross, J and Waugh, C and Phleger, CF and Jackson, C and Jackson, G and Huveneers, C and Nash, SB and Brock, M and Mansour, P, Fatty acid profiles of more than 470 marine species from the Southern Hemisphere, Ecology, 104, (1) Article e3888. ISSN 0012-9658 (2022) [Refereed Article]
Kojadinovic, J and Jackson, CH and Cherel, Y and Jackson, GD and Bustamante, P, Multi-elemental concentrations in the tissues of the oceanic squid Todarodes filippovae from Tasmania and the southern Indian Ocean, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 74, (5) pp. 1238-1249. ISSN 0147-6513 (2011) [Refereed Article]
Cherel, Y and Fontaine, C and Jackson, GD and Jackson, CH and Richard, PD, Tissue, ontogenic and sex-related differences in δ13C and δ15N values of the oceanic squid Todarodes filippovae (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae), Marine Biology, 156, (4) pp. 699-708. ISSN 0025-3162 (2009) [Refereed Article] 
Jackson, GD and Meekan, MG and Wotherspoon, SJ and Jackson, CH, Distributions of young cephalopods in the tropical waters of Western Australia over two consecutive summers, Ices Journal of Marine Science, 65, (2) pp. 140-147. ISSN 1054-3139 (2008) [Refereed Article]
Jackson, GD and Bustamante, P and Cherel, Y and Fulton, EA and Grist, EPM and Jackson, CH and Nichols, PD and Pethybridge, H and Phillips, K and Ward, RD and Xavier, JC, Applying new tools to cephalopod trophic dynamics and ecology: perspectives from the Southern Ocean Cephalopod Workshop, February 2-3, 2006, Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries, 17, (2-3) pp. 79-99. ISSN 0960-3166 (2007) [Refereed Article] 
Jackson, GD and Wotherspoon, SJ and Jackson, CH, Temporal life history plasticity of the Southern Ocean squid Todarodes filippovae from waters off Tasmania, Australia, Marine Biology, 150, (4) pp. 575-584. ISSN 0025-3162 (2007) [Refereed Article] 
Jackson, GD and Jackson, CH, Mating and spermatophore placement in the onychoteuthid squid Moroteuthis ingens, Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 84, (4) pp. 783-784. ISSN 0025-3154 (2004) [Refereed Article] 
Jackson, GD and Semmens, JM and Phillips, K and Jackson, CH, Reproduction in the deepwater squid Moroteuthis ingens, what does it cost?, Marine Biology, 145, (5) pp. 905-916. ISSN 0025-3162 (2004) [Refereed Article] 

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