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Journal Article
Eringa, EC and Stehouwer, CDA and Walburg, K and Clark, ADH and van Nieuw Amerongen, GP and Westerhof, N and Sipkema, P, Physiological concentrations of insulin induce endothelin-dependent vasoconstriction of skeletal muscle resistance arteries in the presence of tumor necrosis factor-alpha dependence on c-jun N-terminal kinase, Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, 26, (2) pp. 274-280. ISSN 1079-5642 (2006) [Refereed Article] 
de Jongh, RT and Clark, ADH and Ijzerman, RG and Serne, EH and de Vries, G and Stehouwer, CDA, Physiological hyperinsulinaemia increases intramuscular microvascular reactive hyperaemia and vasomotion in healthy volunteers, Diabetologia, 47, (6) pp. 978-986. ISSN 0012-186X (2004) [Refereed Article] 
Wallis, MG and Wheatley, C and Rattigan, S and Barrett, EJ and Clark, ADH and Clark, MG, Insulin-Mediated Hemodynamic Changes Are Impaired in Muscle of Zucker Obese Rats, Diabetes, 51, (12) pp. 3492-3498. ISSN 0012-1797 (2002) [Refereed Article] 
Vincent, MA and Dawson, D and Clark, ADH and Lindner, JR and Rattigan, S and Clark, MG and Barrett, EJ, Skeletal Muscle Microvascular Recruitment by Physiological Hyperinsulinemia Precedes Increases in Total Blood Flow, Diabetes, 51, (1) pp. 42-48. ISSN 0012-1797 (2002) [Refereed Article] 
Dawson, D and Vincent, MA and Barrett, EJ and Kaul, S and Clark, ADH and Leong-Poi, H and Lindner, JR, Vascular recruitment in skeletal muscle during exercise and hyperinsulinemia assessed by contrast ultrasound, American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology and Metabolism, 282, (3) pp. E714-E720. ISSN 0193-1849 (2002) [Refereed Article] 
Clark, ADH and Youd, JM and Rattigan, S and Barrett, EJ and Clark, MG, Heterogeneity of laser Doppler flowmetry in perfused muscle indicative of nutritive and non nutritive flow, American Journal of Physiology, 280, (3) pp. H1324-H1333. ISSN 0363-6135 (2001) [Refereed Article] 
Clark, ADH and Barrett, EJ and Rattigan, S and Wallis, MG and Clark, MG, Insulin stimulates laser Doppler signal by rat muscle in vivo, consistent with nutritive flow recruitment, Clinical Science, 100, (3) pp. 283-290. ISSN 0143-5221 (2001) [Refereed Article] 
Clark, MG and Clark, ADH and Rattigan, S, Failure of laser Doppler signal to correlate with total flow in muscle: Is this a question of vessel architecture?, Microvascular Research, 60, (3) pp. 294-301. ISSN 0026-2862 (2000) [Refereed Article] 
Clark, MG and Rattigan, S and Clerk, LH and Keske, MAV and Clark, AD and Youd, JM and Newman, JMB, Nutritive and non-nutritive blood flow: rest and exercise, Acta Physiologica Scandinavica, 168, (4) pp. 519-530. ISSN 0001-6772 (2000) [Refereed Article] 
Clark, A and Kirkby, KC and Daniels, BA and Marks, IM, A pilot study of computer-aided vicarious exposure for obsessive-compulsive disorder, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 32, (2) pp. 268-275. ISSN 0004-8674 (1998) [Refereed Article] 
Clark, MG and Newman, JMB and Clark, ADH, Microvascular regulation of muscle metabolism, Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care, 1, (2) pp. 205-210. ISSN 1363-1950 (1998) [Refereed Article] 
Conference Publication
Gilroy, L and Kirkby, KC and Daniels, BA and Pavic, YN and Heading, KD and Dewis, LM and Smith, K and Pinto, A and Clark, ADH and Menzies, RG and Marks, IM, Teaching exposure-based therapies using virtual reality techniques, Australian Journal of Psychology, 27 Sept - 10 Oct 2002, Gold Coast, Queensland, pp. 28. ISSN 0004-9530 (2002) [Conference Extract] 
Clark, ADH and Wallis, MG and Rattigan, S and Barrett, EJ and Clark, MG, Insulin-mediated capillary recruitment is impaired in muscle of obese Zucker rats, Diabetes, Vol 50, Supplement 2, June 22-26, 2001, Philadelphia, pp. A329. ISSN 0012-1797 (2001) [Conference Extract] 
Clark, MG and Barrett, EJ and Richards, SM and Clark, ADH and Rattigan, S, Microvascular involvement in insulin resistance of skeletal muscle, Proceedings of the 7th World Congress for Microcirculation, August 19-22, 2001, Sydney, pp. 31-37. (2001) [Non Refereed Conference Paper] 
Vincent, MA and Dawson, D and Clark, ADH and Leong-Poi, H and Clark, MG and Rattigan, JR, Physiologic hyperinsulinemia mimics the capillary recruitment induced by exercise in skeletal muscle in vivo, Diabetes, vol 49, Supplement 1, Late-breaking Abstracts, 9-13 June, 2000, San Antonio, TX, USA, pp. LB-15. ISSN 0012-1797 (2000) [Conference Extract] 
Youd, JM and Rattigan, S and Clark, ADH and Clark, MG, Blood flow and glucose uptake by muscle, Proceedings of the Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 28 September - 1 October, Adelaide, pp. Sym-32-06. (1998) [Conference Extract] 
Kirkby, KC and Daniels, BA and Clark, A and Romano, A, Caught dirty handed: Behaviour sequences in computer-aided treatment of washing rituals, Medical Research Week, Hobart Tasmania, pp. 24. (1998) [Conference Extract] 
Kirkby, KC and Berrios, GE and Daniels, BA and Clark, A, Virtual symptoms: sequences of behaviour in computer treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder, Abstracts for The Royal Australasian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists 33rd Congress, Melbourne, pp. A46. (1998) [Conference Extract] 
Kirkby, KC and Clark, ADH and Daniels, BA, Evaluation of a computer-based behavioural treatment in obsessive-compulsive disorder patients and controls, The Science and Art of Psychiatry, Sydney, New South Wales, pp. A35. (1997) [Conference Extract] 
Clark, ADH, Novel technologies and measurement of microvascular blood flow in muscle (2005) [PhD] 

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