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Author: Zivanovic, B (Dr Branka Zivanovic)

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Journal Article
Zivanovic, B and Ullrich, KK and Steffens, B and Spasic, SZ and Galland, P, The effect of auxin (indole-3-acetic acid) on the growth rate and tropism of the sporangiophore of Phycomyces blakesleeanus and identification of auxin-related genes, Protoplasma, 255, (5) pp. 1331-1347. ISSN 0033-183X (2018) [Refereed Article]
Ismail, H and Maksimovic, JD and Maksimovic, V and Shabala, L and Zivanovic, BD and Tian, Y and Jacobsen, S-E and Shabala, S, Rutin, a flavonoid with antioxidant activity, improves plant salinity tolerance by regulating K+ retention and Na+ exclusion from leaf mesophyll in quinoa and broad beans, Functional Plant Biology, 43, (1) pp. 75-86. ISSN 1445-4408 (2016) [Refereed Article] 
Zivanovic, BD and Shabala, L and Elzenga, TJM and Shabala, SN, Dissecting blue light signal transduction pathway in leaf epidermis using a pharmacological approach, Planta, 242, (4) pp. 813-827. ISSN 0032-0935 (2015) [Refereed Article] 
Mitrovic, ALj and Dmitrovic, S and Zivanovic, BD, Early flowering species - model plants for studies of ontogenesis in vitro, Botanica Serbica, 39, (2) pp. 143-149. ISSN 1821-2158 (2015) [Refereed Article]
Maksimovic, JD and Zhang, J and Zeng, F and Ziavanovic, BD and Shabala, L and Zhou, M and Shabala, S, Linking oxidative and salinity stress tolerance in barley: can root antioxidant enzyme activity be used as a measure of stress tolerance?, Plant and Soil, 365, (1-2) pp. 141-155. ISSN 1573-5036 (2013) [Refereed Article] 
Zivanovic, B and Cuin, TA and Shabala, SN, Spectral and dose dependence of light-induced ion flux responses from maize leaves and their involvement in leaf expansion growth, Plant and Cell Physiology , 48, (4) pp. 598-605. ISSN 0032-0781 (2007) [Refereed Article] 
Zivanovic, B and Pang, J and Shabala, SN, Light-induced transient ion flux responses from maize leaves and their association with leaf growth and photosynthesis, Plant, Cell and Environment, 28, (3) pp. 340-352. ISSN 0140-7791 (2005) [Refereed Article] 
Conference Publication
Zivanovic, B and Shabala, SN, The effect of blue light on net ion fluxes from maize leaf segments with different growth history, Proceedings of 13th International Workshop on Plant Membrane Biology, 6-10 July 2004, Montpellier, France, pp. 1-11. (2004) [Conference Extract] 
Zivanovic, B and Shabala, SN, Light-induced transient net ion (H+, K+, Ca +) flux changes from corn and broad bean leaf tissue, Book of Abstracts 42, XV Symposium of Yugoslav Society of Plant Physiology, 31 May - 3 June 2003, Vrdnik, Yugoslavia (2003) [Conference Extract] 
Shabala, SN and Zivanovic, B and Staal, M and den Os, D and Elzenga, JTM, Ionic basis of blue light control of plant elongation, Program and Abstracts, 26th Annual Conference of the Australia Society for Biophysics, 29-30 November 2002, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, pp. Session #6. (2002) [Conference Extract] 
Zivanovic, B and Shabala, SN, Light-induced transient ion flux changes from corn and broad bean leaf tissue, Combined Conference Abstracts, ComBio 2002, 30 September to 3 October 2002, Sydney Convention Centre, Sydney, Australia, pp. POS-TUE-067. (2002) [Conference Extract] 

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