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Phillips, JS and Patterson, TA and Leroy, B and Pilling, GM and Nicol, SJ, Objective classification of latent behavioral states in bio-logging data using multivariate-normal hidden Markov models, Ecological Applications, 25, (5) pp. 1244-1258. ISSN 1051-0761 (2015) [Refereed Article]
Sengupta, A and Foster, SD and Patterson, TA and Bravington, M, Accounting for location error in Kalman filters: integrating animal borne sensor data into assimilation schemes, PLoS One, 7, (8) Article e42093. ISSN 1932-6203 (2012) [Refereed Article]
Bestley, S and Patterson, TA and Hindell, MA and Gunn, JS, Predicting feeding success in a migratory predator: integrating telemetry, environment, and modeling techniques, Ecology, 91, (8) pp. 2373-2384. ISSN 0012-9658 (2010) [Refereed Article]
Patterson, TA and McConnell, BJ and Fedak, MA and Bravington, MV and Hindell, MA, Using GPS data to evaluate the accuracy of state-space methods for correction of Argos satellite telemetry error , Ecology, 91, (1) pp. 273-285. ISSN 0012-9658 (2010) [Refereed Article]
Patterson, TA and Basson, M and Bravington, MV and Gunn, JS, Classifying movement behaviour in relation to environmental conditions using hidden Markov models, Journal of Animal Ecology, 78, (6) pp. 1113-1123. ISSN 0021-8790 (2009) [Refereed Article]
Bestley, S and Patterson, TA and Hindell, MA and Gunn, JS, Feeding ecology of wild migratory tunas revealed by archival tag records of visceral warming, Journal of Animal Ecology, 77, (6) pp. 1223-1233. ISSN 0021-8790 (2008) [Refereed Article] 
Patterson, TA and Thomas, L and Wilcox, C and Ovaskainen, O and Matthiopoulos, J, State-space models of individual animal movement, Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 23, (2) pp. 87-94. ISSN 0169-5347 (2008) [Refereed Article] 

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